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Mike Bryan

Well, we have already reached the month of April! I enjoy this time of year because we are getting very close to boating season at Buckeye Lake. In fact, as of March 1, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) placed the last stop logs in the spillway. This means that the water level can begin to rise again this season. If you have not been to the lake since the dam reconstruction, I encourage you to visit. Now that the project is finished, there seems to be a resurgence in activity on the lake and new businesses as well. This month, I’m featuring Continuing Health Care Solutions at Beckett House. I had the opportunity to interview Lisa Cowgill, Director of Social Services & Admissions. Continuing Health Care Solutions at Beckett House provides hospice and palliative care, respite care, long term care, and skilled nursing. Lisa provided a great deal of information about the company, the types of services offered, and what to expect when working with them.

April Fools’ Day is a fun holiday to mess with friends and family, but it also serves as an important reminder about the dangers of deceit. When it comes to fitness, there are a lot of fads and opinions out there, and it can be difficult to parse fact from fiction. If you don’t want to be a fitness fool this season, follow these five simple tips. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself A lot of beginners have unrealistic goals. Right off the bat they’ll aim to gain 20 pounds of muscle, lose 15 pounds of fat, cut every carb from their diet, or complete sunrise workouts six times a week. But trying to tackle a mammoth goal right away is more likely to lead to failure. You’ll quickly run out of time, willpower, and energy. Instead, break your goal into smaller steps that are easier to achieve. If you’re trying to build muscle, then start with using more free weights at the gym or increasing your protein intake each day. Then build up to bigger things. Track Your Progress How will you know you’re improving if you don’t measure your growth? After every workout, write down everything you did, including minutes of cardio performed, weights used, and reps completed. Take a notebook to the gym or keep track on your phone. Also, remember to take photos of your body and measure things like body weight and fat percentage periodically. Measuring your progress will highlight your successes, point out where you need work, and keep you motivated. DON’T BE A FITNESS FOOL Avoid These Workout Mistakes

Please click the link below to watch our interview. solutions-at-beckett-house

If you have any further questions about Continuing Health Care Solutions at Beckett House, please contact Lisa at 740-872-0809. Have a great month!


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