Bruce Law Firm June 2019

June 2019

A Day on the Ocean

There’s nothing like being on the ocean on a warm summer day with just the right amount of breeze to cool you off. Getting out on the water clears my mind unlike any other remedy I’ve found. Both Ashley and I love the ocean, and each of us grew up with a natural appreciation for it fostered by our parents and our proximity to the water. It was one of the main ways I connected with my dad when I was a kid. During fishing trips and days on the boat, I got to hang out with him for hours at a time, and we had conversations that somehow didn’t happen as naturally on land. A lot of my life outside of work and school was spent on the water. Going out on a boat with my dad taught me how to appreciate the fact that the ocean is so accessible here in South Florida. We’re incredibly lucky to be near it.

Ashley’s mom has a place in Fort Pierce, and each summer, we take the kids up there to an intercoastal area where the Indian River intersects with the ocean. Certain sections of the river are several miles wide, and scattered across the shallow water are little islands. We’ll take the boat to the islands and enjoy our day exploring and cruising around. A rich array of wildlife exists there. The mangroves on the shores of the Indian River serve as homes for many creatures, and we often see dolphin families swimming nearby, as well as sea turtles, manatees, and pelicans. Russell and Ruby get so excited every time we spot a dolphin fin or a pelican landing close by, and it’s a joy to share this special place with our kids. Something we started doing with Russell and Ruby a couple years ago is picking up debris we see on the beach. We want to manage our own footprint and keep this area pristine and beautiful, so the next person who comes along can enjoy it as we have. We want to do our part to preserve the natural habitat for the wildlife that call this place home. We’ve seen too many beached whales, their stomachs full of garbage, and have heard too many accounts of sea turtles confusing plastic bags for their preferred meal of jellyfish to not do our collective part to make things better for the creatures that were here first. Ashley and I have long supported the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), an organization dedicated to advising and educating people about the conservation of marine resources. For a while, I even served as the president of our West Palm Beach chapter, but between raising two kids and running a law firm, we haven’t been as involved in the last few years as we’d like to be. Their mission still resonates with us, and we’re looking forward to getting back to the CCA as the kids get a little older. Caring for our natural environment is a value Ashley and I share, and it’s important to us to do all we can to maintain and preserve the beautiful natural area we’re lucky enough to have here in Florida. When we imagine Russell and Ruby enjoying these marine areas for years to come, we know the only way to guarantee they can is by doing our part to maintain the land and share our love for the ocean with our kids.

– Chris and Ashley Bruce

We love and respect the ocean

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