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f you’ve made it to this month — the

While we’re always eager to start in on a new year of business, I’d be remiss if I skipped over how important the holidays are to our team as well. This time of year, we donate to charitable organizations like Helping Hands, Ronald McDonald House, Make-A-Wish, St. Jude’s, Adam’s Place, Broken Chains, Project 150, The Salvation Army of Southern Nevada, and others. It’s always been important for us to be a part of the community we serve beyond our services, and these organizations allow us to do just that. If you’re looking for a way to give, these places are a great place to start. In the spirit of well-deserved R&R, I will ironically be staying in town and working through the Christmas season, as I do nearly every year. Even though the commercial construction industry really slows down at this time of year, there will be a lot of work for me to do, simply because our office will be so empty. We have a “use it or lose it” policy for accumulated paid time off. We chose not to roll PTO over into the new year because we’ve learned from experience that our team is less stressed, more productive, and much happier when they spend time away from the office and with loved ones. I encourage everyone to use their PTO to focus on what’s really important: building a life outside of your job. The holidays are a great time to remind ourselves of this, and this year, that’s more true than ever.

last month of 2020 — with your health,

sanity, and spirits largely intact, then you certainly deserve

the reward of some holiday R&R. It’s been an insane year for just about everyone, but now we have an opportunity to take all our lessons learned, and strengths tested, and make 2021 a great year. I am beyond proud of how much closer Dri Tech Corp became as a team over the last year. Together, we faced one of the most challenging times we’ve ever experienced in our history. Even though we are now stronger on the other side, we’re excited to start getting back to “business as usual” for our clients, and we have some great things to look forward to in the new year. We want to thank our clients for their continued faith in the work we do, which has helped us get through this year. We’re aiming to give back to our clients in 2021 by making your roofing choices easier and giving you even more confidence and peace of mind when you make those decisions. Keep an eye out in the new year for the continued use of our drone services, which are bringing roofing mechanisms to (literal) new heights, as well as exciting opportunities for continuing education and resources for our clients.

Despite all the ups and downs of this year, Dri Tech has plenty to be grateful for. We’ve experienced our share of challenges, but we’ve had many triumphs too. We’re especially proud of the work we’ve done on several different Amazon buildings in Southern Nevada throughout the year, and we’re eager to continue our work on more in the new year. These innovative structures are redefining the typical warehouse and turning it into a modern marvel. We’re honored to have played a part in that process and will look back fondly on every project we successfully brought to a close this year, no matter if 2020 might have pushed us to feel otherwise. From our team to yours, we hope you will have a wonderful holiday season — and cheers to an incredible new year ahead.

–Blaine DeBrouwer




Milovich in 1970, and from there, Milovich was hooked. Together, they opened Winterstick. After being featured in SKI and Newsweek magazines, the duo started getting more orders for their unique product. Unfortunately, the sport didn’t take off quickly enough, and Milovich shut down the business in the 1980s. Winterstick was later resurrected by another company and is now a successful snowboarding company. National Snow Surfing Championships Champion snurfer Paul Graves organized the first known National Snow Surfing Championship in 1982. Despite its simple setup, 125 contestants showed up to participate in the contest. According to Smithsonian magazine, the event “helped put snowboarding on the map.” Jake Burton, snowboarder and founder of the popular brand that bears his name, took over the event the following year. He renamed it the U.S. Open Snowboarding Championship, which now draws riders from all over the world to participate, as well as thousands of spectators and fans. Since these three momentous occasions, the snowboarding industry has boomed. Now, the sport is enjoyed by people across the world, and it’s even become an event in the Winter Olympics.

Nothing beats breaking out the board and hitting the slopes when the mountains are covered in fresh powder. Snowboarding has become a beloved outdoor winter activity, and there were a few key moments that led to its current popularity. Here are three such moments. The Invention of Snurfing Although the origin story of snowboarding is still debated today, no one can deny that Sherman Poppen was an important individual in the creation of the board. On Christmas Day in 1965, Poppen decided to bind two skis together and let his children zip down the snow-covered hill near his backyard. Thus, “snurfing” — surfing on the snow — was born! Later, Poppen tweaked the design of his invention, swapping the two skis for one board and attaching a rope in the front to smooth out steering. In less than 20 years, the snurfer became a huge hit. After Poppen licensed his invention to the Brunswick Corporation, over 750,000 units were sold. Snowboarding Company Winterstick In 1972, Dimitrije Milovich started the first snowboarding company: Winterstick. Wayne Stoveken first introduced snowboarding to

Vegas Holidays 2020, From Neighborhoods to Nativity Classics UNDER THE BRIGHT LIGHTS

Las Vegas must have more bright lights than any city on earth. As locals, we learn to tune them out, but this time of year, that can be a mistake that dampens the holiday spirit. Even Mother Nature puts on a show if you know where to look. It’s tricky this year, but favorites like Cowabunga Bay’s Christmas Town and the Speedway’s Glittering Lights are still going on, even if the Magical Forest at Opportunity Village was canceled due to COVID-19. Then there are the displays on the Strip, of course. But is the Bellagio’s holiday display really worth being elbow-to-elbow with the tourists, especially now? No! If you ask us, the real light shows of 2020 are out in the neighborhoods. A drive down Henderson or McLennan usually yields good

results, and who can forget some of the light shows we’ve seen at residential homes on Robindale in recent years? These displays are great alternatives to avoid the crowds. There’s a lot to see entirely outside of the city, too. After all, winter in Nevada is the perfect time to stargaze. You don’t have to drive to Death Valley, although the views out there are incredible. The scenic drives at Red Rock are fantastic after the sun goes down. You can bundle up with a thermos of coffee or cocoa, cruise along with the family or a date, and find a good spot to stop and look up at the stars. Bonus points for shooting stars, but planes going into Nellis don’t count!

perfect for that. Just remember to bring a partner and a flashlight, be safe, and follow all trail guidelines. Whether you want the hustle and buzz of a Vegas holiday or a quiet evening under the Milky Way, there’s something for everyone this time of year. Have a great holiday season and get out under the bright lights!

If you’d rather stargaze on foot, we’ve got a great list of hikes on Page 3 that would be



One of the beautiful things about living in southern Nevada is that even though we reach scorching temperatures during the summer, our fall, winter, and spring seasons are excellent for spending tons of time outdoors. A great way to get outside this winter is to explore some of the exciting hiking trails our area has to offer. Here are a few of our favorites you may not know about. Hidden Forest Cabin This isolated area known as the “Hidden Forest” in the northern Sheep Range is located within Deadman Canyon. The hike to the hidden cabin begins at the mouth of the canyon and heads east, leaving desert scenery behind for twisted rock spires and towering ponderosa pines. The trail climbs a challenging 2,000 feet over 5 miles but offers incredible scenery that you can hike through in a day or spend a night camping in. The cabin at the end is a treat for history enthusiasts, having been constructed in the late 1800s and used by hunters, outlaws, and bootleggers. Lake Mead Hot Springs Trail The perfect winter hike is one that ends in a narrow canyon with water running through it that can reach temperatures up to 111 degrees F. These Arizona hot springs can only be reached by hiking or from the Colorado River. Head to the old White Rock Canyon trailhead and follow the wash southwest as it narrows. The winding river will lead you to a view of Black Canyon before reaching the ladder beneath the springs. This is another great trail for a challenging day hike or an overnight experience unlike any other. Frenchman Mountain Trail Frenchman Mountain is a peak rather than a part of the mountain range, and as a peak, it’s a difficult but incredibly rewarding climb. It’s 4 1/2 miles out and back near North Las Vegas, and the steep climb will leave you breathless in more ways than one. You won’t get a better view of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, and Mount Charleston all laid out before you. It’s also a great trail for bird-watching … if the view doesn’t steal all your attention away. Our Favorite Hikes in Southern Nevada IT’S A GREAT TIME TO GET OUTSIDE


At the Round Table


In October, the VGK unveiled their new jersey for the 2020–2021 season, and it’s as flashy as you’d expect for a Las Vegas-based team. They partnered with Adidas for this third jersey, and it’s the first all-metallic gold jersey in the history of the NHL. They plan to add it to the team’s regular uniform rotation.

The Golden Knights chief marketing officer, Brian Killingsworth, has said, “The idea behind the jersey … is bold and bright just like the community that we are proud to call home. It is truly reflective of the sports and entertainment capital of the world and reinforces the Vegas Golden Knights’ push for innovation. The third jersey advances our brand and is the perfect way to represent the pride we all share in being #VegasBorn.” The VGK have introduced a new hashtag since the release: #VegasGoesGold. What do you think of the new jerseys? Are you ready to go gold too?








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Looking Back and Looking Ahead


The Rise of Snowboarding’s Popularity


Vic’s Corner


Southern Nevada’s Best Hiking Trails




Winter Road Trip Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

On Sept. 24, 2019, more than 2.5 million people passed through TSA checkpoints at airports across America. On the same date this year, those terminals saw just 826,316 travelers — a nearly 70% drop. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Americans have been thinking twice about air travel, and this holiday, millions of would-be flyers will set out on road trips instead. Road tripping is a great way to avoid contact with a lot of people, but it can also be dangerous, especially in winter weather. Fortunately, you can take several steps to keep your family safe. Getting your car checked before you go, for example, can save you a lot of hassle on the road, as can investing in a set of snow tires. It’s also smart to take precautions such as letting a friend or family member know your route, predicted arrival time, and where you plan to stop for gas along the way. A DRIVER’S GUIDE TO SAFE HOLIDAY TRAVELS WINTER ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED

and you can find a basic kit with things like jumper cables, ponchos, rope, batteries, pliers, zip ties, and a first-aid kit at pretty much any Walmart or sporting goods store. You could even save a life by adding a few more essentials to your kit, like a blanket, snacks, and an extra cellphone charger. At this point, you’re almost a safety black belt. But to take your kit to the next level for winter driving, there are three more little-known items you should stash in your trunk: a shovel, a bag of sand or cat litter, and an extra bottle of windshield wiper fluid. If you get stuck in a snowbank, the shovel will help you dig your way out without risking frostbitten fingers. The sand or cat litter will boost your traction if you sprinkle it around your wheels in an icy spot, and the extra wiper fluid will make all the difference if you run out during a snowstorm.

Apart from that, one of the best things you can do is pack an emergency kit. AAA sells premade kits through outlets like Amazon,

Once you’re prepared, crank up the Christmas carols and get driving!




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