Mi-T-M Equipment Catalog

S and and D etergent I njectors

P ressure W asher A ccessories


SAND INJECTOR Wet sandblasting is efficient and dust-free. Remove coatings from steel and concrete surfaces. Can be used on rust, paint, stains and graffiti. AW-3000-0000 (Sand injector - carbide tip) ● Includes sand probe and clear hose ● 5500-PSI rated ● Consult factory before ordering 18-0113 (Carbide replacement nozzle)

LOW PRESSURE DETERGENT INJECTORS Apply recommended detergents with a low pressure detergent injector. Can be used on cars, boats, vans and engines. AW-8000-0001 (3500-PSI, 3.0 to 5.0-GPM, stainless steel) AW-8400-0018 (4000-PSI, 2.0 to 3.0-GPM, brass) AW-8400-0021 (4000-PSI, 3.0 to 5.0-GPM, brass)

HIGH PRESSURE DETERGENT INJECTOR Large tasks become small with a high pressure detergent injector. High pressure water mixes with detergent to clean even the heaviest build-up. Can be used on farm equipment, tractor trailers, RVs and bridges. 50-0161 ● Brass and stainless-steel construction ● 2.0 to 6.0-GPM operating capacity ● Steel mesh in-line water strainer

● Adjustable chemical draw ● Clear, pliable detergent hose ● Quick connects for easy installation

LONG RANGE CHEMICAL NOZZLE 18-0373 ● Quick connects to the end of the wand ● Low pressure ● Has a range of 30-feet while drawing chemical

PUMP WINTERIZING BLOWOUT FITTING This fitting allows you to use an air chuck to clear the pump of any water remaining in the system to avoid damage from freezing. AW-4070-0005 ● For use with all pressure washers


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