Setting Your Day up for Success: AMorning Routine

W hen asked about his keys to success, Nathan Brooks mentioned all the regular suspects: mentors, team, family, education, and a morning rou- tine. Here is what Brooks does to start each day: “I’m not the earliest riser, and I don’t beat myself up about that. I wake up around 7 a.m., when it makes the most sense for me. Then, and this might not be the healthiest of habits, I do a quick check of my email and Facebook to make sure there are no houses to be bought immediately. Time is the killer of all deals, and I don’t want to miss a good one, if it’s out there. After that, I go downstairs for a 15-minute, high-intensity workout. Before COVID-19, I was regularly training MMA as my daily workout, but with the stay-at-home order, I had to pivot and have found this 15-minute morning activity to bring the same mental and physical health benefits I enjoyed with my previous MMA regi - men. Then I spend 10 minutes in meditation using the Sam Harris Waking Up App. I have tried several other apps and haven’t liked anything nearly as much as I like this one. I highly recommend it. After I get myself some water and coffee, I spend the next 15 minutes journaling. I use the Best Self Journal to check in on my goals and write daily affirmations. I find this prac - tice helps me keep the important things important, and the unimportant things away. Overall, it is simple and a relatively quick routine, but I have found that it makes all the difference between a day where I feel like I’m racing around without purpose, and a day that is focused and fulfilling.”

Before I leave this earth, I will give away a million dollars a year in perpetuity. Real estate is going to help me do that. On top of that, Kansas City, where the Bridge team lives and invests, has a need for the work that we’re doing. Abandoned houses and lack of quality homes to meet rental demand are real problems we face. It’s a joy to not only beautify the city we love, but to provide a real service in the high-quality rentals we bring to the market for families in Kansas City. I can’t really think of a better, more fulfilling purpose for our business, and it really is what drives me every day.”

BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH REAL ESTATE Aside from his notoriety as a highly accomplished investor and business leader, Nathan Brooks garnered national attention for founding and operating Bridge Real Estate Investing Meetup, which grew to be one of the largest meetups in America in less than a year. “The meetup is really just a further extension of our mission. We want to help all people build a bridge to wealth and freedom through real estate,” Brooks said of

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