growing our network, and I wasn’t listening to others. I was stuck in the rut of saying I was just too busy or had no time. NO. 2 FIND THE ONE THING THAT CAN BE DROPPED OR FLIPPED IN IMPOR- TANCE. In my case, I went from being focused on looking at the next deal and beating up excel spreadsheets to setting a target of talking to more new people. I had learned that real estate investing is a people business. but I had never made it my #1 focus. When I did, it was a game changer. NO. 3 OWN THE CHANGE BECAUSE OTHERS WILL NEED TO SEE IT AS THEY COULD BE STRUGGLING ALSO. So many people have heard our story and my evolution from deal-focus to network-focus, and I am told it helps people feel more comfortable. No one has it figured out in the beginning, and shoot I am not sure anyone ever has it truly figured out, but I am trying. In the end, your personal mindset can either stunt your growth or ex- plode your growth. Today, my brand and story simply would not exist if I didn’t take the time to evaluate and change my mindset. •

in first position. Yeah, private money! 2  I found realtors who had re- lationships with older owners who might be open to dis- cussing owner financing on free and clear property. Yeah 10-unit building with owner financing! 3  I found other investors who oc- casionally came across deals they didn’t want that fit my criteria. Yeah more deals! 4  Most importantly, my dread or fear of burnout dissolved, and I started to have the most fun of my life investing in real estate! The power of my mindset is critical as it almost washed me out of the business and today is respon- sible for all the fun that I have every day talking real estate and helping people move to a better financial future. If you find yourself in a situa - tion where burnout or negativity is taking up too much of your day, I suggest you do the following three things to see if you can break free and tweak your mindset in a positive direction: NO. 1 DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO TO A QUIET PLACE. Leave the phone and other distractions at home and just think about what is going on, what you want, and why you are struggling. For me, this was actually an airport lounge some- where in Asia believe it or not. I sat there and just thought about where I was in my business, and I realized I wasn’t having any fun. I wasn’t

When I took the time to listen and truly hear what was going on, I found a world of opportunities opened up that I would not had seen had I stayed fixated on money or the deal. The mindset shift to listening and serving others opened tremendous opportunities but most importantly it allowed me to reenergize, start having fun, and not take myself so seriously. The following are just a few examples of opportunities that opened up after shifting my mindset away from just money: 1  I found many of my friends and personal network were scared to buy real estate, but they were okay being the bank

Michael Zuber worked in the Silicon Valley since graduating from Santa Clara University 20+ years ago. After wasting time and money in his 20s, he

began investing buy and hold rental properties and never looked back. Michael grew his rental property portfolio from a single rental house to financial freedom in 15 years. Now that he no longer has a day job, he shares his story via his self-published book and YouTube Channel, both called One Rental at a Time.

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