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December 2018

Hips and Knees- HowTo Kick The Pain Motion Matters The Newsletter That Helps You Return To A Life In Motion

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INSIDE: • Hips and Knees - How To Kick The Pain • The Truest “Joint Effort” • Patient Success Spotlights • Give The Gift Of “Experience” This Year • 5 Year Anniversary Celebration! • Free Screening Day!

December 2018

Motion Matters The Newsletter That Helps You Return To A Life In Motion

Feature Article

Written by Adrienne Riveros The Truest “Joint Effort”

Since this issue of Motion Matters is on hip and knee pain, it seems only fitting… to tell the story of Greyson’s birth. Hold on, that doesn’t make any sense you say… Just wait, my friend, it will all make perfect sense in the end. Twoyearsago,Carloswasplayingbasketballwith his brothers. He was going for a rebound and his leg collided with one of his brother’s legs. He felt a pop in his knee, immediately painful, and fell to

the ground. In that instant, he already knew what he had done. His brothers helped him to the car, picked up a set of crutches and went straight home. They didn’t call ahead or let anyone else know what had happened until they arrived. Why? I was about 9 or so weeks away from delivering baby Greyson and they didn’t want me to worry… especially since there was really nothing to do about it but wait until he could get in to see an orthopedic doctor after the weekend. (CONTINUED INSIDE)

Feature Article

Written by Adrienne Riveros The Truest “Joint Effort”


Just as Carlos had feared, his suspicions were correct - torn ACL and, to add insult to injury, he had a torn meniscus as well. This meant surgery for him. We prepared as fast as we could and the surgery dayquicklyarrived. Isaid “I loveyou” tohim in the pre-op area and then, there I was...just sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the doctor to come out and tell me all had gone great. After what felt like forever, he finally came out and told me that he was able to repair everything, including the meniscus. That was great! It’s exactly what we wanted! However, that meant Carlos would be non-weight bearing on that leg for about 8 weeks or so. Are you figuring the math yet? Well, Carlos was a hit with the nurses in the post-op area. Naturally a people-person, you can imagine him on the good drugs. He had people in stitches back there. He even convinced his transport lady to push his wheelchair fast out of the door so he could feel like he was on a roller coaster! He looked like a little kid, clutching his juice and crackers and holding up the peace sign as theyburnedup the tremendouslyadventurous 10 feet from the door to the car. We got him home and he spent the weekend resting up. Come Monday, it was back to work for him. How in the world could he work as a PT just a few days after surgery, you ask? He is tough as an ox and, with the help of his inventive, very pregnant, occupational therapistwife (that’s me), we rigged up his wheelchair to prop his leg up throughout the day so he could stretch and

keep the swelling down. He was able to stand for short time periods on one leg and continue to treat and care for his patients. It was quite a sight - thecombinationofcomedyanddedication - and it made for wonderfully entertaining days. As the time passed, his motion got better and pain went down. He was diligent in getting his rangeofmotionback.Greysoncontinued togrow and grow in my belly. We were counting the days until he could start weight bearing and begin trying to walk without the crutches. Eventually, this time came. He could walk slowly and stand. Then, Thursday came. That Thursday. I worked that morning, just as I had all the days before. During my scheduledultrasound, they decided to admit me to the hospital and induce labor. This was a surprise, but we were ready. My bag was packed.The therapist filling in for me was ready to go. The nursery was ready. Everything was in place. They started the induction on Friday morning.By the timeSaturdaymorningcame, the contractions had started. By Saturday evening, I was in active labor. Eventually, a culmination of things led to the operating room and a very happy ending. Our sweet baby Greyson arrived without complication, but the road was long. Carlos had only just been able to stand for a few days prior and, during one of the sweetest, most raw and sincere times of our lives, he was able to stand by my side - on his newly operated knee. During those days, it held up more than just his body. It supported Carlos as he held my hand and supported me as our lives were forever changed. Every day, I am thankful for baby Greyson…and that healthy knee.


Patient Success Spotlights

“I am thankful to all the staff at Life In Motion.” “After tearing my meniscus, I was referred to Life In Motion. My knee was swollen and I had a baker’s cyst behind my knee. Within a few sessions the cyst went away and the swelling went away. After a few more sessions, the pain was gone and my knee feels normal now. Carlos was great! The entire staff was great! The clinic has a very warm and caring environment and each therapy session was always looked forward to. I am thankful to all the staff at Life In Motion.” - Tyler H. “This is the place where I would come if ever I needed therapy again.” “This team of therapists and office staff are very special. I’m so grateful to have had a team of therapists that worked with my schedule, understood my pain and suffering and were well informed about what I needed done. This is the place where I would come if ever I needed therapy again. Carlos is very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate from the moment he starts talking to you. The girls always paid attention to the exercises I was doing and were very helpful. I truly will miss them all - even Adrienne who worked with patient’s hands.” - Myrtelina H.

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“Carlos brought me along and I made a full recovery with his help.”

“Carlos and his staff were excellent. Very encouraging and helpful. I had a full knee replacement and got off track and had to go back into the hospital, so I fell behind in my physical therapy. Carlos brought me along and I made a full recovery with his help. Thank you!” - Douglas H.

Hips and Knees – How to Kick the Pain

The holiday season is upon us and with the hustle and bustle of activity can often come the dreaded holiday aches and pains. Running around in search of the perfect gift, long car rides to see loved ones, and putting exercise on the back burner can sometimes take quite a toll on the hips and knees. Even the cooler weather can bring that unwanted achiness that seems to want to stick around for the holidays. In this section, we are going to talk about how to successfully handle hip and knee pain so you can get back to that annual Christmas softball game in the backyard, man the grill outside, or search the stores up and down until you find that extra special gift for your grandchild.

· Stretch. When your joints stiffen, pain can get much worse. Help alleviate and prevent this pain by doing a daily stretching routine for your legs, hips, and back. Staying limber will keep the soreness at bay when you have to sprint through the airport to catch that flight! · Listen to your body. At the end of the day, always listen to your body. If something is painful, stop or modify what you are doing. If you’ve been on your feet all day perfecting that holiday dinner and you feel your legs tightening up, it may be time to take a small break. Ask someone to stand in for you and find someone to give you a foot massage! When should I seek treatment? It is important to recognize when at-home remedies aren’t working. It is ideal if you can relieve pain on your own, but if it continues to persist without getting better, it may be time to contact your Physical Therapist. What will Physical Therapy do? A Physical Therapist is a movement expert that can perform a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and your health history. Together, you will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific goals, as well as the things that are important to you. Your therapist will also seek collaboration with other members of your healthcare team as needed. Getting to the root cause of the problem is always the primary goal. Physical Therapy treatment may include:

What causes hip and knee pain? The hip joint is a large ball-and-socket joint where the leg attaches to the body, and it is one of the most stable joints due to its robust structure. There is a cushion of cartilage at the end of the thigh bone, or femur, that helps prevent friction as your hip bone moves within the socket. It is possible for the cartilage to wear down or become damaged with age, injury or overuse. This can cause pain. Other causes of pain can include arthritis, tendonitis, or muscle strains. More severe causes of hip pain can include fractures and damage to the tendons, ligaments, or muscles around the hip joint. The knee joint is the largest joint in the body. It is a modified hinge joint that connects the thigh to the lower leg. Its main function is to allow you to bend and straighten your leg, and to bear the weight of your body, such as when walking, running, and jumping. Causes of knee pain can include arthritis, sports injuries, and strains. More severe causes include fractures, dislocations, and ligament tears. What can I do to avoid hip and knee pain? Here are some quick tips that can help you through the holiday season with less pain! · Wear properly fitted shoes. Comfortable, fitted, closed-toed shoes are a great way to relieve stress on your joints. Give the gift of support to your hips and knees this holiday season! · Alternate hot and cold. Ice packs may not seem desirable when the weather is chilly outside, but alternating a heating pad and an ice pack can help soothe your aches and pains.

· Manual/hands-on therapy · Flexibility training · Strength training · Balance and stability analysis/training · Posture analysis · Home Exercise Program

What now? At Life In Motion, your goals are our goals. If you find that you need extra help to get back to the activities that you love, give us a call today. We want you to be able to participate in the festivities of the season, but more importantly, we want you to get back to life. We are here to help make that happen. Happy Holidays!


Have you ever… • had to ask someone to help you get up out of a chair? • missed participating in vacation or leisure activities because of hip or knee pain? • found yourself worrying pain rather than living your life? CALL (727) 369-6355 TO SCHEDULE Use this coupon or give it to friends or family - spaces are limited to the first 10 calls. Expires Jan 31, 2019.

LIFE IN MOTION PHYSICAL & HAND THERAPY HAS BEEN OPEN FOR 5 YEARS! IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE, REUNION STYLE! We have some very special plans to share! In the week leading up to the anniversary celebration on January 25, 2019, we will be doing a spirit week! Think of homecoming week when you were back in high school...just like that! Each day, there will be a special theme and prizes for the winners. The staff will be decked out each day and we hope to see the same from our patients, new and old alike!

MONDAY, JAN 21 - FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM DAY Represent your favorite team by rockin’ their logo, their colors or their mascot! TUESDAY, JAN 22 - CRAZY SOCK / CRAZY HAIR DAY Show off your craziest, coolest socks that are overshadowed only by your amazing hair! WEDNESDAY, JAN 23 - FAVORITE COLOR DAY From your hair to your shoes, show your favorite color to all the world! THURSDAY, JAN 24 - DECADE DAY Pick a decade and have a great time remembering the fashions of that era! FRIDAY, JAN 25 - LIFE IN MOTION SPIRIT DAY! Come decked out in LIM gear or wearing LIM colors to support us at the ribbon cutting! SATURDAY, JAN 26 - FREE SCREENING DAY IN HONOR OF 5 YEARS OF SERVICE!

Friday, Jan 25, 2019 is a very special day. The Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce will be at Life In Motion for a formal ribbon cutting ceremony followed by the unveiling of Life In Motion’s new video, food, drinks and an outdoor movie on the lawn on a 30-foot screen! Bring your low chairs and blankets for a fantastic outdoor movie experience! Saturday, Jan 26, 2019 will be a FREE SCREENING DAY in the Pinellas Park location in honor of 5 years of service. Our Physical Therapists, Carlos and Ted, and our Occupational/Hand Therapist, Adrienne, will be available for free 15-min screenings for anyone who feels that therapy may be appropriate for them. They will sit and chat with you about your concerns and what therapy can offer. You must call to register for a specific time slot. Hurry! Spaces are limited to 12 each. Check out our Facebook page for more details as the week gets closer. During the spirit week, pictures from every day will be posted. If you can’t come for a visit, you can still participate! Go to our Facebook page, like it and then vote for your favorite picture each day. You can help us decide who wins! Many of our patients always talk about having a “Homecoming” one day so everyone can visit, check on their favorite therapists and find out how their old therapy friends are getting along. Well, THIS IS IT! Mark your calendar! It is sure to be a great time of support, togetherness and LIM family! Hope to see you there!

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