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Hello everyone, it’s Anna here! Dawn asked me to step in and write this month’s newsletter because I have some big news to share: If everything goes to plan, then next month on Aug. 15, my fiancé, Brian, and I will be tying the knot on the shore of the Missouri River. I couldn’t be more excited! If you’ve been a patient of mine for a while, then odds are you’ve heard me talk about Brian. We were both born right here in Great Falls and actually met at a local hot spot. Before Brian went to nursing school to become a physician’s assistant, he used to work at a brewery here in town. By chance, we met there one night in 2015 when I went in with a girlfriend to commiserate over a bad breakup. The friend I was with knew Brian, so he came over and introduced himself. Even though I was upset and probably trash-talking boys at the time, I remember that he was very sweet to me from the beginning. When my friend and I eventually got up to leave, Brian came after us and handed me a free beer card with his name and number on the back. He said that I could call him if I felt like it, and a month or so later, I did! You might think that’s the end of the “how we met” story, but after our first date in the summer of 2015, we decided things weren’t going to work out. Neither of us was ready for the

relationship, so we just kept in touch as friends. A year later in 2016, we ran into each other again. Just like last time, I was out with friends at a bar, but this time it was a bar that they’d dragged me to, and we were supposed to be celebrating finishing our finals. As it happened, Brian was also there with his coworkers! He hated the bar too, so funnily enough, we connected over that and decided to try another date. By that point, I knew he was the one for me. We dated for a few more years, then bought a house and moved in together last summer. I had a sneaking suspicion Brian was going to ask me to marry him before he did. I knew he had a ring because when he was showing a photo of it to a friend, I accidentally caught a glimpse! What I didn’t know was when or where he would pop the question. Last September, Brian went all-in and planned a surprise 30th birthday party for me. He had one of our mutual friends take me out to get my nails done, and when we got home, everyone was there! He’d even invited our moms (both of our dads have passed away). Maybe I should have suspected something then, but it was actually a total surprise when, as the party was wrapping up, he got down on one knee and held out the ring. Both of our moms got to see the big moment, and mine even burst into tears. It was a really special proposal.

Anna and her fiance!

As far as wedding planning goes, with the chaos of the pandemic, we’ve been taking it day by day. We have our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to celebrate with our friends and family on Aug. 15, but if it ends up just being a small ceremony, then that’s okay too. What matters the most to us is that we love each other and want to get married — the big show is just a bonus.

Next time you see me, I might be a married woman!

–Anna Fry

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