The Livewell Collective April 2018


We know you didn’t become a CrossFit affiliate to feel like the middle manager of a Whole Foods. However, the same strategies that work wonders in the world of grocery stores are just as effective in gyms. Generations of grocers have spent time, effort, and money learning how to get the most out of every inch of their retail space. So why reinvent the wheel? These three strategies used by supermarket titans and bodegas alike will boost your retail operation and also your bottom line. BUNDLE Give your members a deal too convenient to refuse by bundling complementary products together for a reduced price. Refueling with food after a workout is an important part of recovery, so why not pair cans of O2 with a protein bar? Normally, purchasing this smart snack/beverage combo would run a customer upward of $6, depending on your pricing. Just taking a dollar off for a bundled deal can make your members feel like they are getting a steal. Best of all, you’re exposing members to more of your products!

JAMES HOBART PUTS HIS COACHING SKILLS TO WORK James Hobart is a two-time CrossFit Games Team Champion, as well as being a CrossFit HQ trainer. He recently opened his own box in Boston. CrossFit varies by degrees, not by kind, meaning it can be tailored to individual needs and abilities. As a coach, I can meet someone where they are and help them reach new personal bests.

HOW’D YOU BECOME A CROSSFIT ATHLETE? I’ve always been competitive. Growing up, I was into sports, and the CrossFit Games filled that void in my adult life. I’ve competed since 2009, although I took last year off to be a commentator at the Games instead. I have to admit doing that commentary made me miss competing. I don’t think my competitive desire will ever go away, and I’d like to get into the Games one last time as an individual. But honestly, my relationship with CrossFit has morphed over the years. I like coaching more than competing these days. It’s more rewarding. WHY DO YOU LIKE COACHING SO MUCH? I want to inspire new athletes. I’ve been coaching ever since 2007, and it feels great to have a positive impact on people’s lives. ARE YOU GOING TO TRY TO COMPETE AGAIN THIS YEAR?

HOW DOES BEING A COACH COMPARE TO BEING AN AFFILIATE OWNER? You have the same fundamental desire to improve folks’ lives. But you also have a greater responsibility to keep the lights on. Still, much like coaching a newbie, the biggest challenge is always going to be patience. Things won’t always progress as fast as you want — you have to give it time. CAN YOU GIVE US YOUR FAVORITE FUN FACT ABOUT O2? On its own, the Grapefruit Ginger flavor is my favorite. But for whatever reason, after eating strawberries, Orange Mango is delicious! I’m working on an O2 smoothie based off of this. I just haven’t found the right ratio yet!


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