The Livewell Collective April 2018

RE STRATEGIES YOUR BOX NEEDS TEMPORARY DEALS Tightening your belt momentarily to offer deals “for a limited time” is an age-old tactic for retail success. It’s basic psychology: When folks know they have a short window of time to act on a great deal (say, two O2s for $5), they fear missing out. These sales, when properly communicated, can be the perfect way to introduce new products to members. Plus, they’ll be coming back for more. REWARD ‘POWER USERS’ Maybe you have members who are already buying products regularly. That’s awesome! Don’t these “power users” deserve a reward? Whole Foods seems to think so. That’s why they give their customers a 10 percent discount to buy items by the case. Consider making a similar offer to those members who stop in every other day to buy individual cans of O2.

3 NON-SALESY WAYS TO UP YOUR RETAIL GAME Boosting your retail sales doesn’t have to be a chore. Over the years, we’ve worked with affiliate owners to create awesome, engaging events for members to promote O2. The secret is to tap into the competitive nature of your members. Here are three fun and simple strategies you can use at your box without feeling like you’re a traveling salesperson. RACE TO RECOVERY If you opened your email at all in February, you just might have seen a link to a video of Dave going head-to-head with 2010 CrossFit Games champ Graham Holmberg in a timed workout. Graham’s victory secured an 18 percent discount on O2 for affiliates participating in the “2 for $5” O2 sale. You can hold a similar competition for your members. Give away a can of O2 to whomever posts the best score in a fun warmup! TRIVIA CHALLENGE Knowledge is power, right? Holding trivia competitions during class is a great way to ensure your members are informed about all the goings-on in the world of CrossFit. You can also throw in some nutrition-related questions. May we suggest, “How does oxygenated water aid recovery?” Winner gets a free O2. This approach kills three birds with one stone: You’re encouraging your members to stay engaged, you’re bringing some extra fun to your classes, and you’re increasing awareness of your retail operation! HOLD A RAFFLE Yes, really. Most folks participate in raffles because it’s fun to have a little skin in the game, not because they think they have a shot at winning. Yet, the sheer thought of “ what if …?” can keep your members engaged and motivated. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to showcase whatever retail product you decide to offer as a prize. Try something like this: “Hey guys, we’re putting a big focus on form this month, so we’re raffling off a case of O2 and a free T-shirt. Each class this week, coach will pick one member who stands out for great form and throw their name into a hat, and at the end of the week, the winner gets the prize pack. We’ll also give out a prize for “most improved” at the end of the month, so don’t cut corners ... and do stay hydrated!”


Our March affiliate spotlight was our good friend and long-time supporter, Aaron Janetti of Endeavor Defense and Fitness in Hilliard, Ohio. Black belt, author, family man ... What can’t this guy do? LOOKING BACK, WHAT DO YOU WISH YOU WOULD HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY IN THE FIRST YEARS OF RUNNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS? To be honest, I wouldn’t change anything. All the issues we ran into were great learning experiences.

YOU PLAYED A BIG PART IN O2’S ORIGINS. COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT THAT? Dave asked me to try the first samples he had of O2 from the back of his car. It was the sketchiest and most amazing thing ever. They were delicious! I was one of the first boxes to start retailing O2 and I haven’t looked back since. WHAT’S THE MOST EFFECTIVE THING YOU’VE DONE RECENTLY TO BOOST SALES OF RETAIL ITEMS? We have spent a lot of time systematizing and tracking retail better to make sure we are reducing shrink and not overconsuming our own products without profit. WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? Teaching. I love sharing knowledge. I love watching people improve. I love knowing that every day, with every class, we can improve someone’s quality of life — and sometimes even save their life.


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