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We organize every day chocolate workshops.


Belgian chocolate making class and workshop For corporate events (team building, recruiting events…)

Meet Elisabetta, our chocolate maker, discover the wonders of Belgian chocolate and learn how to make these tasty treats with one of the very few real chocolate makers based in Brussels. She knows how to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses . Our chocolate workshops encourage collaboration rather than competition. For us, the importance of team building is to encourage teamwork among employees, by building connections and bonds between co-workers. Our workshops also allow for an easier time to communicate among departments and teams.

Why a chocolate event for corporate event? Our corporate events are making your team even more special!

That’s simple. A love of chocolate is something that brings everyone together and what we don’t know about chocolate, its origins, and its ability to unite an audience towards a common goal isn’t worth knowing! Combining an extensive background in chocolate making, marketing, product development and management, we’re passionate about using this “food from the gods” for events that are:

• Exciting • Inspiring • Engaging • Interactive

• Educational • Effective • Fun • Tasty

If you’re looking for an alternative idea to the usual corporate team building activity, a fun way to celebrate a special occasion or an interactive and educational experience for your team, colleagues, partners…

We can deliver it!

Corporate chocolate workshops & events But not only! We are proposing much more…

We run many exciting workshops and chocolate making events, for many years, for well- known businesses, SME’s, non-profit making organizations, groups of women, groups of LGBT+ men and women, schools, and universities throughout Europe.

We love running chocolate workshops and events and for each of them we run it with the same high standards of care, attention, and enthusiasm regardless of how large or small you are!

We know everyone is different and we never compromise our reputation for excellence.

Let’s prepare your team building Trust us, your team will be amazed!

Choose our team building activity and engage your group in something fun, or for an entertaining business event, host a chocolate masterclass or science of chocolate workshop for a tasty treat. We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses across Europe to deliver chocolate- themed corporate entertainment and events such as innovative, indoor team building activities to beat the Belgium weather. We’ve developed the many joys of chocolate making to ensure to provide engaging, interactive, and informative experiences that unite chocoholics and occasional dabblers alike. What better way to entertain and bring people together than this vehicle of exceptional good taste? Our corporate events can be adapted to suit your specific business needs and, currently, we can cater for groups of a maximum of 40 participants. We have launched two new places, one next to our chocolate store and the other near Place Royale. These two new places are dedicated to our chocolate workshops and classes. Here’s a quick look at the chocolate events we can provide for corporate clients.

Chocolate masterclass How it works and what’s involved?

A chocolate making class or a chocolate masterclass as we prefer to call it, is an exciting way to engage with your clients, staff, colleagues, or friends. They’re fun, creative, exciting, and importantly the result is deliciously edible! How often do you come across that? Interactive chocolate entertainment at its very best. In a chocolate masterclass, guests will learn about and make all sorts of different chocolates, using an array of other yummy ingredients and toppings under the guidance of a professional chocolatier. At the end of the workshop guests will package up their artisan chocolates to take home, assuming their creations get that far!

It’s a fabulous practical chocolate making experience, suitable for group up to 40 participants.

A chocolate masterclass can be used as break-out entertainment to lighten a corporate conference, as part of a networking session, or implemented into an away day. They can also be run as a stand-alone event, perhaps as a classy and interesting “thank you” to clients or staff.

Working individually, but in small sociable groups, guests will:

• Learn a little about chocolate (this is important for what follows!) • Taste a selection of chocolate • Learn how to make chocolates, then make some molded ones

• Decorate and flavor their own chocolate bars with dry fruits and toppings • Make amazing Belgian mendiants and traditional hand-rolled chocolate truffles

• Make Belgian pralines (only if you select the Masterclass 2 hours) • Package their chocolates up in bags or boxes to take home

If you’re seeking a practical, engaging, and professional corporate entertainment idea that can be run at our location, a masterclass would be perfect and a great booster for your team.

Our chocolate making masterclass is suitable for any level of ability, they are entertaining and professionally run.

To book a chocolate masterclass for your business or for more information, please call us on 02 203 92 20 or email Stéphane Perrin at

Chocolate challenge How it works and what’s involved?

Imagine a room full of people, split into teams. Some work side-by-side every day, but some don’t. Several don’t even want to even be there. A few are excited, others aren’t bothered either way. A few people feel a challenge waiting to be happen, while others simply look forward to the next coffee break… And then , the teams are informed that they are participating in a dynamic team building event and they have 2 hours all together to create and make a new chocolate product, design rough packaging ideas for it, draft a sales and marketing plan and then present their great idea. Sounds easy?

It’s not and only one team will win the pitch, so the pressure is on from the get-go.

This highly creative, competitive, and fun corporate team building event will engage your staff across a wide area of chocolate-making activities from initial product development to a sales and marketing plan, through to a final presentation where the teams need to “sell” their ideas hard! A relatively safe harbor for those capable and wanting to show their true capabilities and ambitions, and a fool’s stage for anyone who only thinks they’ve got what it takes to make amazing chocolates!

Our chocolate challenge is fun, dynamic, competitive, and fast paced and it has business value. It delivers more than just a good afternoon, and here’s why…

A successful team is like a recipe; it’s made up of a mix of individual ingredients, all great individually, but much better when carefully blended all together:

• Communication • Trust

• Leadership • Motivation

• Creativity • Fulfilment • Tangible results

Elisabetta, our chocolate maker, imagined and created this chocolate challenge event.

She designed and structured the event to tease out some of these traits allowing individuals to naturally find and develop their role in the working business environment.

These are just a few of the benefits you can expect running our chocolate challenge:

• Build and grow internal relationships (make working your team all together) • Encourage communication and trust among staff • Create a sense of friendship

• Improve good spirit and individual confidence • Provide a bit of fun, excitement, and lot of smiles

Not a bad outcome when you consider it, that’s the power of chocolate!

Working in small teams of 3-5, these groups will:

Be briefed on the challenge they face with a hard copy. The theme that the teams follow when creating their unique chocolate creation can be linked to the values of the business or another important business matter e.g. business strengths, issues, opportunities or threats. They will spend about 1 hour 30 minutes formulating a plan, organizing themselves into an effective group, making their chocolate creation, plus a further 30 minutes to finalize things and refine their sales pitch.

They will receive the assistance of our chocolate makers during the whole length of the challenge.

They will be able to access and use our delicious dark, milk or white Belgian chocolate and a huge collection of chocolate molds, packaging materials, different ingredients for inclusions and toppings, natural colorants, edible sprays and icing pens for detailed work. They will present their new product to a group of judges, with the winners receiving a company branded quirky CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE WINNER badge and certificate.

Throughout the whole session we will advise, guide, assist and prepare everything needed by the teams, even if it is sometimes at the limits of our own creative ability!

Our chocolate making masterclass is suitable for any level of ability, they are entertaining and professionally run.

To book a chocolate masterclass for your business or for more information, please call us on 02 203 92 20 or email Stéphane Perrin at

You can’t be wrong… Hundreds of companies and institutions have already enjoyed our chocolate workshops!


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Soon, we are sure, you will be listed here!

Italian dinner Immerse your colleagues in a true friendly and tasty moment.

You can also transform the chocolate workshop into a true moment of complicity with our Italian dinner option.

With the option you will combine the workshop with a delicious Italian menu!

School workshops Immerse your students in a school workshop and give them a great moment.

The Belgian Chocolate Makers has developed a whole new take on educational workshops with our carefully crafted chocolate workshops for schools and colleges. What better way can you think of appealing to youngsters than through the medium of chocolate? Our school and college workshops are the sure-fire way to get your students engaged and motivated to learn something new, all-in line with your own teaching objectives. So far, we’ve run school workshops for over 3000 children across Belgium and every one of them now holds a unique “little chocolate expert” certificate to prove their substantial knowledge of this devilishly delicious food!

We think education should be fun so our chocolate workshops for schools and colleges aren’t just great for the kids, teachers love them too!

Our chocolate workshops are a carefully crafted blend of fun and education to keep kids constantly engaged whilst learning at the same time. They are extremely interactive, tactile, and well-paced so the children have plenty of time to see, touch and taste what we bring along.

The children are involved in role play, two practical chocolate making sessions as well learning all about this wonderful and exciting product.

They will learn what chocolate is made from and that it all starts from a fruit tree, what chocolate was like when it first started to be made (it was a cold spicy drink!), whether chocolate is good or bad for them and of course they’ll each make chocolates too – a chocolate lollipop with an edible pattern and a personalized chocolate bar! They’ll have lots of ingredients to use to make their chocolate treats mouth-wateringly tasty and attractive!

In fact, the amount they’ll learn during the workshop often surprises even the most experienced teachers!

We think it’s important to bring a topic to life, so the kids get to see and touch real cocoa pods (the fruit of the cocoa tree), real cocoa beans (the seed of the cocoa tree) and taste a little bit of cocoa nib (the inside of the cocoa bean). They may not like it, but at least they’ll have tried it! We use proprietary teaching models that we’ve developed over many years to reinforce key points and to help with learning retention. Children love learning when they’re having fun, so we ensure they do. But tucked away in that bundle of fun is a carefully

constructed teaching plan; a somewhat cunning yet highly effective way to engage and educate using a universally loved product.

Even though we would prefer kids eat less chocolate than more, we know they’ll still eat it, so we also teach the children about some of the more important health aspects of chocolate. In a simple but highly effective way for this age group, the children will quickly grasp the significance of what they see and touch. And just like the chocolate workshops we run for older children, the children are constantly being asked questions to recap and reinforce important aspects of what they are learning.

A chocolate event for every occasion When the thought of a chocolate party has got your taste buds tingling...

If there’s one thing that unites you and your friends or social group, it’s probably chocolate; so why not run a chocolate party for a special occasion or an engaging chocolate talk for a community event?

Whether you’re a self-certified chocoholic or simply enjoy a little treat from time to time, this delicious product is a great way to bond, celebrate and have some full-on fun!

Our chocolate parties and chocolate making hen parties can be tailored to any group and we’ll do everything we can to cater for your individual tastes. Our priority is to ensure that you and your guests have an amazing time, and we’re happy to host your chocolate party at our chocolate factory.

Have a look at just a few of the things we can offer you….

Chocolate making hen party

Tasteful not tacky, but ever-so-slightly whacky, what could be better than gathering your favorite girls together for a wickedly indulgent chocolate making hen party?!

A light-hearted event full of giggles, you’ll get to take a hands-on approach in the making of your own chocolate treats; our chocolate hen parties are designed to give you some stress-free fun and a sophisticated alternative to more traditional hen party ideas.

A toast to the bride-to-be is, of course, a standard pre-requisite, so get ready to crack open our bubbly and feast on something that’s lovely!

Our chocolate making Hen party is far more than just chocolate making; it’s a chocolate making experience. It’s classy, sophisticated, and great fun!

As far as alternative Hen party ideas are concerned, our chocolate making Hen party would be hard to beat, after all who doesn’t like chocolate.

From start to finish it’s a party with a difference and certainly ranks as one of the best Hen do ideas going! Our chocolate making Hen parties last around 2 hours, including a short break to toast the Hen with a minimum 10 guests, but we can be slightly flexible on this! We can make them shorter if needed if you’ve got a crazy schedule, but we find this timing just about right.

We like unusual hen party ideas and that’s why we created a hen party with a difference, one that’ll be remembered for years to come, even after the chocolates have long since been eaten! If the Hen likes chocolate, then it’s perfect. In fact, it’s perfect for everyone as there’s loads of chocolate making, lots of fun and laughter and hopefully even a bit of chocolate creativity thrown in for good measure! We think chocolate making Hen parties should be great fun, chic, easy to organize and stress-free for everyone. That’s why our chocolate maker, Elisabetta, takes a totally different approach to cater for the rather more “sophisticated” bride- to-be and their best friends. We'll run your chocolate making Hen Party perfectly, guiding you through things, giving hints and tips along the way and helping you to design, create and decorate your chocolate delights

As guests you will do lots and lots of wonderful chocolatey things:

• Taste great chocolate to start with • Learn a little bit about some important aspects of chocolate that’ll help you later in the workshop • Make X-rated molded chocolates • Make embarrassing chocolate lollipops • Color white chocolate for drizzling • Decorate the chocolates you’re making with an array of gorgeous ingredients • Make a personalized chocolate bar • Make chocolate truffles and mendiants

Finally, each guest will take home their very own chocolate creations all nicely wrapped up in bags.

For costs, availability and a detailed summary of this fantastic chocolate making Hen party event, please call us on 02 203 92 20 or email Stéphane Perrin at

New: we are also proposing vegan workshops! For those who prefer dairy-free chocolate.

We are proud to have been the first chocolate maker proposing the possibility to organize some dairy free chocolate workshops. We are using the NXT dairy free chocolates from Barry Callebaut during our vegan chocolate workshops. NXT dairy-free is chocolate indulgence of the next generation. These dark and milk chocolates are made from 100% plant-based ingredients without any trace of milk or dairy. They are bringing you all the indulgence and creaminess of traditional chocolates. They’re better for the planet and better for your customers who want to enjoy without any animal ingredients. More info about the NXT chocolate here.

We organize public workshops every day Because sometimes sharing a moment with others is good also...

Meet Elisabetta, our chocolate maker, and discover the wonders of Belgian chocolate and learn how to make these tasty treats with one of the very few real chocolate makers based in Brussels. Enjoy an approx. 1,5 hour workshop with the guidance of our expert chocolatiers and have a go at making amazing handmade chocolates yourself.

• Upgrade of cancellation terms Full refund when you select the upgrade (sickness, accident, transport failure…) • Covid 19 precautions Special health and safety measures apply depending Belgian barometer All our staff is fully Covid vaccinated • Mobile ticketing Use your phone or print your voucher • Duration +/- 1,5 hour Check availability to see starting times The workshops usually start at 2pm and 5pm from Monday to Sunday (check calendar for availabilities). • Skip the line through express security check • Instant confirmation You can book up to 1 hour before the start of the public workshop

Check the dates using Agenda Brussels • Available in English, French and Italian

Highlights • Discover the little secrets of Belgian chocolate • Learn why Belgium is famous for chocolate

• Create your own chocolates together with our chocolate makers • Taste a newly discovered cocoa bean that creates pink chocolate • Take your chocolates home to share and enjoy even more

Let’s make the magic starting!

The experience begins with a warm welcome from our chocolate maker and a delicious cup of hot chocolate. While you drink, listen to a short but fascinating introduction into the world of Belgian chocolate and learn an array of chocolate making secrets. After the intro, the real fun begins with a demonstration of chocolate tempering on a marble table. It’s then time to have a go yourself and make your own chocolate treats with the help of expert chocolatiers. Spend the hour making your very own personalized and tasty mendiants, truffles, lollipops and more. You’ll also discover the ruby chocolate, a newly discovered cocoa bean that is 100% natural, but which creates incredibly pink chocolate treats! At the end of the experience, package up your chocolates and take them home with you to share with friends, or enjoy alone! Everything you make during the workshop will be wrapped up so that you can take it home.

How to book the public workshops?

You can book our chocolate making classes from our website or via several applications:

• Get Your Guide • Civitatis • Airbnb Experiences • TripAdvisor

• Viator • • Travelocity

Alternatively, you can also buy some gift voucher(s) directly from us.

Information The basics in fact…

Our workshops are operated by The Belgian Chocolate Makers SRL.

We are registered at the Brussels Court in Belgium under company number 0745.885.458 and with our registered office located at:

Rue Lebeau 11 1000 Brussels Belgium

Establishment numbers : 2.301.333.809 Phone number: +32 (0)2 203 92 20 Email address: Our VAT and EORI numbers are BE0745885458 . Our ONSS matricule is 1456123-25 . Our AFSCA registration number is 5261529 .

We organize public and private workshops every day from Monday to Sunday.

Monday - Friday: 10h-20h Saturdays: 11h-20h Sundays: 11h-20h

We can provide personalized chocolate boxes to be given to the participants during the workshops.

Aprons, drinks, Champagne, snacks are available as options.

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