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That bit of self-confidence was what I needed. My own head trash was telling me I wasn’t good enough, and that was holding me back. My head trash kept me from taking risks, kept me from investing, kept me from making money moves, and kept me from the success I so desperately wanted. Today, I’m friends with some big-name marketing gurus, and I get to see and hear about all the cool things they’re doing as well as their failures. The truth is they fail as much as any of us do. The difference is they try more. Most of them don’t get bored with what’s working and jump from one shiny object to another. They can all do math, and they all get that relationship marketing is foundational to the success of their business. Think about the top three gurus you follow. Do you feel like you have a relationship with them? Do you know personal stuff about them, like are they married, do they have kids, or what do they enjoy doing other than work? Do you know about the events they’re speaking at in the next few weeks? That is all relationship marketing. Do you see how they add value to your life with free info and content?

Forget what you’re being sold for a minute and look at how they’re marketing to you . Have you noticed that they all let you in on their lives with personal info? Have you noticed that they all send tons of emails? Have you noticed that they all have newsletters and that they use them to educate and build deeper relationships with their readers? They all use direct mail. They all surround themselves with others who are smarter than they are via mastermind groups. They all go to conferences to learn. There is a pattern; you just have to look for

I used to sit around and wonder why everyone else seemed to be enjoying crazy success with marketing when all I was getting was, at best, okay. It really bothered me. I would buy the course, do the work, really put in an effort to make it happen, and maybe get a base hit. WTF! I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I started to wonder if I was better at business and marketing in my head than in reality. Have you ever felt that way? All the “head trash” we have seems to surface when things aren’t going as planned. Fortunately for me, I decided to attend a marketing mastermind in Boise, and when I got there and started to meet people, I quickly realized I wasn’t alone. Many of them — who were running businesses much larger than mine — started asking me for advice! At first, I was confused, but it turned out that I was just experiencing the same things everyone else was. Not long after that, I made friends — people I looked up to — in an organization I spent a lot of money with. Lo and behold, I found out they struggled as well; they mostly had base hits like the rest of us. The difference was that they only talked about the big wins, so it appeared that was all they had. The lightbulb came on. It wasn’t just me who was struggling — it was everyone.

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