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As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to certain health risks. Our bodies begin to notice the “wear and tear” that has developed throughout the years, causing us to slow down and putting us at risk for health conditions. Luckily, physical therapy can help soothe some of the health conditions that your body may experience with age. If you are looking for pain relief, South Valley Physical Therapy can help! Call our office today for more information. WHAT SHOULD I LOOK OUT FOR? Aging can certainly seem daunting, as it brings with it a slew of possible health issues. Senior citizens account for 12% of the world’s population, so it is important to know what challenges to look out for when you begin to reach age 60 and above. Some common health issues people face as they age include: • Chronic disease. The National Council on Aging states that 92% of senior citizens experience at least one chronic disease, while 77% experience at least two. The most common chronic diseases are diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

• Cognitive health issues. These types of health risks impair one’s memory, making it difficult to remember and recall as easily as they used to, in addition to hindering the ability to learn new things. The most common cognitive health issue is dementia, affecting approximately 47.5 million people worldwide. • Physical injury. Did you know that a senior citizen is admitted to the hospital due to a harsh fall every 15 seconds? Aging causes bones to shrink and muscles to lose their strength, making it more common for us to lose our balance and injure ourselves as we age. Harsh falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults. • Malnutrition. Malnutrition in older adults is very common, but often undiagnosed. It typically stems from other health issues, such as dietary restrictions, minimal appetite from limited physical activity, or a cognitive disease causing one to forget to eat. • Incontinence/constipation. These are also both very common health conditions faced by other adults, but they oftentimes go undiagnosed due to embarrassment from the patient. Incontinence

and constipation can sometimes stem from an underlying health condition. HOW CAN I AVOID THESE CONDITIONS? There are some preventative measures that you can take on your own to try and avoid some of these health conditions; however, sometimes the aid of a professional becomes necessary. Physical therapy treatments are a safe, healthy, and easy way to correct some of these conditions and prevent your risk of developing them. Preventing Chronic Disease. Obesity, poor diet, and lack of physical activity are the main culprits leading to chronic disease. On your own, you can make it a habit of making healthy meals, making sure to add in all balanced food groups. You can also take a small portion out of your day to participate in physical activity, within reason. Even something as small as walking down the block can make a big difference. With a physical therapist, you can work together to create a physical exercise plan, to make sure you’re gaining as much physical activity as you can throughout the day. Many physical therapy practices also have nutritionists who can set up a meal plan for you, to make sure you’re getting the nutrients that you need and maintaining a healthy weight.

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