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You Can Age Gracefully with South Valley Physical Therapy


• You Can Age Gracefully • New Year Means A New You!

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As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to certain health risks. Our bodies begin to notice the “wear and tear” that has developed throughout the years, causing us to slow down and putting us at risk for health conditions. Luckily, physical therapy can help soothe some of the health conditions that your body may experience with age. If you are looking for pain relief, South Valley Physical Therapy can help! Call our office today for more information. WHAT SHOULD I LOOK OUT FOR? Aging can certainly seem daunting, as it brings with it a slew of possible health issues. Senior citizens account for 12% of the world’s population, so it is important to know what challenges to look out for when you begin to reach age 60 and above. Some common health issues people face as they age include: • Chronic disease. The National Council on Aging states that 92% of senior citizens experience at least one chronic disease, while 77% experience at least two. The most common chronic diseases are diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

• Cognitive health issues. These types of health risks impair one’s memory, making it difficult to remember and recall as easily as they used to, in addition to hindering the ability to learn new things. The most common cognitive health issue is dementia, affecting approximately 47.5 million people worldwide. • Physical injury. Did you know that a senior citizen is admitted to the hospital due to a harsh fall every 15 seconds? Aging causes bones to shrink and muscles to lose their strength, making it more common for us to lose our balance and injure ourselves as we age. Harsh falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults. • Malnutrition. Malnutrition in older adults is very common, but often undiagnosed. It typically stems from other health issues, such as dietary restrictions, minimal appetite from limited physical activity, or a cognitive disease causing one to forget to eat. • Incontinence/constipation. These are also both very common health conditions faced by other adults, but they oftentimes go undiagnosed due to embarrassment from the patient. Incontinence

and constipation can sometimes stem from an underlying health condition. HOW CAN I AVOID THESE CONDITIONS? There are some preventative measures that you can take on your own to try and avoid some of these health conditions; however, sometimes the aid of a professional becomes necessary. Physical therapy treatments are a safe, healthy, and easy way to correct some of these conditions and prevent your risk of developing them. Preventing Chronic Disease. Obesity, poor diet, and lack of physical activity are the main culprits leading to chronic disease. On your own, you can make it a habit of making healthy meals, making sure to add in all balanced food groups. You can also take a small portion out of your day to participate in physical activity, within reason. Even something as small as walking down the block can make a big difference. With a physical therapist, you can work together to create a physical exercise plan, to make sure you’re gaining as much physical activity as you can throughout the day. Many physical therapy practices also have nutritionists who can set up a meal plan for you, to make sure you’re getting the nutrients that you need and maintaining a healthy weight.

Try these movements if you are experiencing pain. Relieve Pain In Minutes

P E RONEA L NE RV E S L I D E R Lay on your back with your leg elevated and one knee at a 90º angle. Slowly straighten your knee while simultaneously bending your foot up. Bend your knee back down, while also pumping your ankle downward and inward as if pressing the brake in a car. Repeat 6-10 times on each leg.

P I R I FORM I S STR E TCH Sit in a chair with good posture. Cross the ankle of the leg you want to stretch overtop of your opposite knee. Lean your trunk slowly forward until you feel a slight stretch. Hold, then return to the starting position. Repeat 6-10 times as needed.

Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

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You Can Age Gracefully with South Valley Physical Therapy

Preventing Cognitive Health Issues. Exercise is one of the best steps you can take in order to maintain healthy cognitive health. On your own, you can make it a habit to exercise daily, within reason. Exercise is mentally stimulating and it helps keep you sharp! With a physical therapist, you can work together to create a treatment plan that works for you. This will include treatment-specific exercises, aimed at increasing cognitive health, and they may be paired with strength and flexibility training to help prevent other health issues. The most common cause of physical injury is weak bones, joints, and muscles. To resolve this, you can try to participate in strength-training exercises to prevent bones from becoming brittle. It is also important to maintain a healthy diet, making sure you have a sufficient protein and calcium intake, in order to help with bone strength. With a physical therapist, you can get assistance with strength and flexibility training, having your PT create a specialized plan for you. Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are some of the leading causes of frailty. If you suffer from one of these conditions, your physical therapist can create a treatment-specific exercise plan for you. These excises will be done with your physical therapist, to make sure they are being completed correctly and safely. Your physical therapist may also suggest at-home exercises for you to do. He or she may also suggest another form of treatment, such as aquatic therapy, in order to increase muscle strength and ease discomfort. Preventing Malnutrition. Poor diet is the cause of malnutrition, but it can stem from other underlying issues. On your own, you can try to maintain a healthier diet by making sure you get a sufficient intake of all food groups. Even small dietary changes, such as increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, and decreasing your salt and saturated fat intake can make all the difference. You can also try to make sure you eat three meals a day, even if it means creating reminders for yourself.

Exercise can also help increase appetite, which can make eating a meal easier.

With a physical therapist, you can create a nutritional meal plan based on your needs. This will help you figure out exactly what you should be eating, what you should avoid, and what you may need more of. Your physical therapist may also suggest other physical treatments in order to increase appetite and/or maintain cognitive health. Preventing Incontinence & Constipation. This condition can be caused by an underlying condition, but the most common reason it goes untreated is due to embarrassment. For treatment, you can attend your annual physicals. First and foremost, attending yearly physicals and being honest with your doctor, no matter how embarrassed you may feel, is the best way to treat or avoid this condition. There are many treatments available, but your doctor can’t suggest any of them if he or she doesn’t know what’s going on. With a physical therapist, you can work together to create a treatment plan that will correct this condition. Many physical therapists will perform pelvic floor therapy to treat incontinence or constipation, and the results are resoundingly successful with most patients. If you are suffering from some of these health conditions, or you think you might be, give our team at South Valley Physical Therapy a call today. We’ll be more than happy to schedule a consultation with you and discuss how we can help treat some of these conditions. Aging doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems – our physical therapists can help you maintain your highest quality of life!

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Our Annual holiday dinner at Ladera Grill was fantastic and we are so thankful for the amazing staff that keeps us going every day! We are truly blessed! We had a visit from Santa, who dropped in to let us know we are all on the NICE LIST! Although I’m sure after their treatment some of our patients may disagree! We had a baby shower for Sandhya to send her off on leave…baby Patel is due next month! Tom and Kathy took their annual trip to Cabo and returned just in time for Christmas! Relaxed and tan and ready to welcome 2020. Congratulations to Ricky Navarro who won the Amazon gift card in our Holiday Toy drive contest. South Valley was able to donate over 30 toys/gifts to Sacred Heart Community Services here in San Jose! We had a very busy December here at South Valley PT!

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New Year Means A New You! Let South Valley Physical Therapy Help You Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals This Year! The professionals at South Valley Physical Therapy will help you regain lost motion, strength, balance and coordination resulting from pain in your shoulders, back, neck, hips or knees. Start the year off with a safe and conservative treatment that gets results, we can help to strengthen and increase your mobility, while decreasing pain. Our goal is to empower you to actively manage your pain, increase your range of motion and get you moving again. We will get you back to living the life you deserve.

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