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Jon Herting, PT, DPT, CSCS Physical Therapist

We would like to congratulate our Therapist and Partner in the Garnet Valley Clinic, Jon Herting, PT, DPT, CSCS, on the release of his new book, The Bodyweight Training Encyclopedia. The book can be found on Amazon and offers over 200 pages of bodyweight training exercises and exercise progressions for all levels. It also offers 20+ bodyweight based workouts that the novice or experienced athlete can incorporate immediately for continued fitness gains both inside and outside of the gym. The book was over 10 years in the making and our patients have been thrilled to see the finished project!

Let’s start the new year feeling great! 7 Easy Steps To Put You On The Path To a Happier, Healthier, More Active You! The Training Room Bulletin The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

It’s that time of year again, the beginning of a new year when many of us feel compelled to make New Year’s Resolutions. What will be your resolutions towards taking care of your health? Will you set a goal to lose weight, exercise more, eat better and increase your activity level? Unfortunately, such declarations often fail after a month or two. This can often be attributed to two things: a lack of readiness to actually change bad habits and a pattern of setting unrealistic expectations. So what types of resolutions can we make that we’ll actually stick to? If you want to improve your health and increase your energy, here are some simple ways to change your lifestyle for the better. 1. BEGIN THE DAYWITH PROTEIN. Eating protein for breakfast helps curb your appetite throughout the day and tends to improve your overall diet as well. While you may wind up consuming the same number of calories over a day’s time, you’ll be less tempted by high-fat snacks around dinnertime. Keep in mind that there are plenty of plant-based proteins available, including hemp seeds, black beans, almonds, edamame, and pumpkin seeds among them. 2. LIMIT YOUR DRINKS. By this, we aren’t only referring to alcohol. Instead, try to cut back on the calorie-laden drinks popular this time of year. Concoctions such as sweetened coffee drinks, sodas, diet sodas and energy drinks can be detrimental to a healthy diet. Focus on a higher consumption of water during the day and to make it easy have a glass by your desk or carry a bottle around with you.

3. TRYWEARABLE TECHNOLOGY. Research shows that people who use wearable technology, gadgets such as Fitbits, Garmin, and Withings,tend to stick to their exercise routine more faithfully than those who don’t. With many of them, you can track your heart rate, steps per minute, sleep cycles, and more. 4. INCREASE YOUR RANGE OF MOTION. Avoid shortcuts when it comes to exercising. Strive for using the greatest range of motion. This may include making longer lunges, stretching arms more while jumping rope, or leaning over further during yoga. Whatever the case, doing so helps your muscles do more work per rep, which results in breaking down more tissue by the end of your workout. If you have difficulty reaching a full range of motion, or have discomfort, consult your physical therapist. 5. ADDRESS PAIN Address consistent aches and pains with a musculoskeletal specialist, such as a physical therapist. Many patients give up on resolutions because they have pain with the activity that they have chosen for fitness. A physical therapist can assess your movement patterns and make recommendations so you are able to continue on your path toward improved health. 6. REDUCE FATIGUE . As anyone who has tried and failed at establishing a regular exercise routine can agree, fatigue is the number one enemy. To help combat this, drink beet juice. Studies show that it can increase stamina by up to 16 percent. Furthermore, listen to music that keeps you motivated. Listening to the right music can actually expand your blood vessels by 26 percent. Work on a schedule routine that ensures you get enough rest, exercise, and activity. 7. SWITCH IT UP. If you’ve been plugging through the same fitness routine day after day, you may notice a reduction in strength gain. To avoid this, try different exercises, working out at different times of day, using different repetitions, or lifting different weights. As 2018 begins to unfold, consider ways to add healthy decision- making to your lifestyle. Remember that putting things off doesn’t get you to where you want to be. We are here to help you reach your goals and achieve a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. Talk to your physical therapist at our practice today, or schedule a free 30 minute consultation to make your 2018 the healthiest yet.

Let’s start the new year feeling great!

SAVEMONEY WITH PHYSICAL THERAPY Research shows patients on average than referred patients, decreasing costs tremendously. COME BACK IN FOR A CHECK UP! who went straight to Physical Therapy had 86% fewer visits

As we welcome a new year in wellness, we welcome new insurance benefits. Finances play a big part in mapping out your year and medical expenses are certainly a consideration. If you are like most patients, you have a deductible plan which resets on January 1st. Plan ahead, stay informed and most importantly, ask questions. Ask our staff if you have any questions about your insurance benefits in the new year. We will help you understand them and figure out the best way to get the care you need. WE’RE HERE TO HELP WITH YOUR INSURANCE BENEFITS

“ The quality of care I have received from the Training Room is beyond exceptional” PATIENT SUCCESS STORY

As a competitive Olympic Weightlifter and former competitive gymnast, I’ve had my fair share of injuries over the years. While I have done physical therapy through other practices, nothing has compared to the results I’ve gained through Jon at the Training Room. I’ve been seeing Jon on and off since starting my weightlifting career for persisting ankle and hip instabilities. At my initial visit, Jon quickly realized these instabilities in both areas and has been working with me to strengthen and mobilize

me to mobilize and strengthen my ankles to stop caving and pain while lifting. Through exercises prescribed from Jon, I no longer have persistent ankle pain and instabilities which issomething Ihavestruggledwith for nearly eight years due to countless ankle sprains and ligament damage. In addition to providing therapy for various injuries, Jon and the Training Room have provided recovery therapy.Thishasallowed me to perform to the best of my ability on

both national and international stages. Jon is always available when needed and thinks outside of the box in prescribing strengthening exercises. The quality of care I have received from the Training Room is beyondexceptionalandbecauseof this,wehaveeliminatedall instabilities and weaknesses in my hips and ankles. I would highly recommend the Training Room to anybody in need of a physical therapist because of the exceptional care I have received and the welcoming environment Jon provides at the Training Room.

both my hips and ankles. He made the connection that the issues with my ankles stemmed from additional instabilities in my hips. Instabilities and weakness in my hip flexors, for example, was shown through my squats and cleans. When performing these lifts, we noticed that my knees would cave due to the weaknesses in my hips.Through exercises and rehab prescribed from Jon at the Training Room, I am better able to control my knees from caving while performing squats and have strengthened both my hips and ankles. In addition, Jon has worked with


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate DIRECTIONS

INGREDIENTS • 1 1/4 pounds Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved • 2 tablespoons canola oil • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper • 3 tablespoons pomegranate molasses • Seeds from 1 pomegranate •1/2cupcoarselychoppedtoastedhazelnuts • Finely grated zest of 1 lime • 1 tablespoon finely grated orange zest

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Put the Brusselssprouts inamedium roastingpan; toss with the canola oil and season with saltandpepper.Roast in theovenuntil light golden brown and a knife inserted into the centers goes in without any resistance, about 45 minutes. Transfer the sprouts to a large bowl and add the pomegranate molasses, pomegranate seeds, hazelnuts, and lime and orange zests. Season with salt as needed.

Recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay

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