DOMINO Joinery System booklet

This is where the unique domino mortise principle comes in. The first mortise, known as the locating mortise, is routed appropriately to the selected domino diameter. Pairing the domino in the locating mortise, the joint aligns exactly with the front edge – the joint is correctly positioned. The remaining mortises are routed with clearance. This makes aligning and joining effortless; the joint is nevertheless exact, perfect and stable. On the DF 500, three different mortise widths can be selected, and two on the DF 700. 1.4.2 Selecting mortise width


DF 500

DF 700

DF 500 1 The standard width, corresponding exactly to the domino width: 13 mm plus the cutter diameter 2 The average mortise width, giving the domino some clear- ance (6 mm): 19 mm plus the cutter diameter 3 The largest mortise width, providing a lot of clearance (10 mm): 23 mm plus the cutter diameter NOTE Please only change the mortise width by turning the rotary switch with the motor running, but never while actually routing.

DF 700 1 The standard width for precise routing is: 13.5 mm plus the cutter diameter 2 The mortise width with clearance (3 mm) corresponds to: 16.5 mm plus the cutter diameter

NOTE On the DF 700 the corresponding mortise width is set using the adjusting lever on the left of the machine – the specified mortise width can be seen on the display on the top of the machine.

1.4.3 Selecting domino length and thickness Because selection of the domino thickness determines the selection of the cutter used, you first decide on the domino size and then employ the correct cutter (see section 1.4.4).


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