DOMINO Joinery System booklet

1.4.4 Cutter replacement

After selecting the domino, use the appropriate cutter to make the mortise. For example, if you would like to use an 8 mm diameter domino, you also use the 8 mm cutter.



Always disconnect from the power to change the cutter. Then raise the unlocking lever using an open ended spanner (included) until it noticeably locks in place.

Separate the motor unit and fence body.



Hold the spindle lock on the motor unit, loosen the cutter using the open ended spanner and screw off. Screw on the new cutter using the open ended spanner, keeping the spindle lock pressed. Then release the spindle lock. Only use sharp, undamaged and clean cutters.

Before reattaching the motor unit to the fence body, ensure that the machine, the guide frame and the guides are clean and free from wood chips. Remove any soiling. Then push the fence body frame onto the motor unit until it audibly locks in place.


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