DOMINO Joinery System booklet

1.4.5 Depth adjustment range


The routing depth determines how deep the cutter cuts into the workpiece. The appropriate routing depth must be set for the different domino lengths; in most cases half of the domino length. The routing depth set on the joining machine corresponds to the depth of the domino mortise.

DF 500 Tomove the depth adjust lever push down the depth lock. Now set the required routing depth using the depth adjust lever (possible depths are 12mm,15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm). Now release the depth adjust lock. ATTENTION Due to the short shaft length only the depths 12 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm are allowed when using the 5 mm diameter cutter.

DF 500

ATTENTION The D 4-NL 11 HW-DF 500 specialist cutter is available for the 4 x 20 mm dominos. Please use a mortise depth of 20 mm when working with this domino and cutter. However, the true mortise depth is 10 mm, because the cutter has been shortened by 10 mm due to the risk of breaking. This domino can not be used in offset mortises.

10 mm 10 mm

Festool D 4-NL 11 HW-DF 500

20 mm

Domino 4 x 20 mm


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