DOMINO Joinery System booklet

DF 700

DF 700

DF 700 Press one or both locking switch to set the plunge depth. Move the depth adjust slide to the required routing depth. On the DF 700, the possible routing depth is between 15 mm and 70 mm. Now release the locking switch– briefly check that the slider has locked in to position.

TIP You can mark two routing depths using the depth adjust limit stops and easily move between the two using the slider. For example, this can be helpful when using a domino depth for spacing as well as for repeated, identical routing depths.

Domino centered

TIP The domino should generally be centered within the joint; that is, the routing depth should correspond to half of the domino length. However, depending on the workpiece or joint type, it may be necessary to offest the Domino randomly. In this case, both of the mortises routed in the workpieces must correspond together to the length of the domino being used.

40 mm

Example: The domino being used is 40 mm long; the left mortise is 28 mm deep, the right mortise 12 mm – that is, together 40 mm.

Offset domino

40 mm

28 mm

12 mm


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