DOMINO Joinery System booklet

1 For mitered joints, the Domino mortise angle can be set using detents or any angle between 0º and 90º. The precisely machined dominos optimally align the workpiece and prevent the miter from slipping when being glued. 1.4.7 Angle adjustment range

DF 500 and DF 700: Loosen the fence angle locking lever to adjust the mortise angle. This can be anywhere between 0º and 90º or by using the detents at 0º, 22.5º, 45º, 67.5º ,90º. Tighten the fence angle locking lever.

TIP Route thin workpiece with a miter. Set the required angle. Loosen routing height adjustment clamping lever, push the slider towards the motor unit until it stops and then push the angle stop all the way down. Close the clamping lever.

ATTENTION When mortising at an angle, set the mortise height and depth as low as possible, otherwise there is a danger that the cutter will penetrate through the opposite side of the workpiece.

TIP Material thicknesses from 15 mm can be mitered using the 4 x 20 mm domino.

The table shows some of the most commonly used miter angles:

Number of equal sides

Cutting angle

DOMINO angle

3 Triangle 4 Square 5 Pentagon 6 Hexagon 7 Heptagon 8 Octagon

60 45 36 30

30 45 54 60

25.7 22.5

64.3 67.5


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