DOMINO Joinery System booklet

1.4.8 Working with the stop system

One of the greatest time savings of working with DOMINO joining machines is the result of working without the need for complex measuring or marking – the machine can be positioned quickly and accurately by using the indexing stops (DF 500) or locating pins (DF 700).

The edge of the workpiece is visible in the machine’s upper triangular viewing window. If you do not need the stop catches, they can be automatically pushed in during the routing process.

Quickly and easily set the position of the Domino for repetitive mortises by using the edge stops on both pieces of material. The distance between the stops to the center of the bit is 37mm. TIP When using the base support bracket supplied with the DF500, the distance to the center of the mortise can be reduced to 20mm by using the additional stops.

DF 500 The mortise can also be positioned by drawing a scribe mark and aligning the machine by using the clear horizontal position gauge.


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