DOMINO Joinery System booklet

4.2 Frame joints

The applications of the DOMINO connecting system are virtually unlimited, as well as uncomplicated. Just one domino is enough to connect a frame corner securely and ensure it will not twist – so attractive furniture fronts can be quickly and easily achieved.

With the DF 500, very small dominos can be used even for furniture joints, making it possible to process very small spindles or narrow frame rails.

With the DF 700 in contrast, stable frame joints can be created in the same way, for example, for beds, tables or internal doors. Thanks to the larger routing depth, the DF 700 is also suitable for pinned joints. Some of these connection options are demonstrated in the following examples.

4.2.1 Mitered frame joint


In this example, we are processing 5 x 30 mm dominos. Set the routing depth to 15 mm for this.


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