DOMINO Joinery System booklet




Select the routing height based on the workpiece; in this example, the frame is 20 mm thick. Set the routing height on the DF 500 to 20 mm in this case. The width of the frame in this example is 60 mm.

We are using two dominos per corner connection for maxi- mum stability. Place the machine on the miter and carefully place the indexing stop against the tip of the miter. Route this first mortise on the tight setting.


For the second routed mortise, either mark out the position or run the machine flush along the outside tip of the miter. This routed mortise can either be precisely routed like the first mortise – which increases the stability of the joint but requires more precision – or it can be routed with clearance – but then you must use a sufficient amount of glue for the joint.


Use this method to route the mortises in all four frame rails.

Insert the dominos, using a sufficient amount of glue, join the frame rails and brace them with clamps.


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