DOMINO Joinery System booklet


Set the routing height to 15 mm, so that the domino is centered on the spindle later. Set the routing depth to 20 mm, so that the 40 mm domino is later positioned evenly between the spindle and the handrail. Route the mortise in the spindles using the narrow mortise setting.

NOTE You can also use the DF 700 to apply this method with a domino diameter of 8 mm or greater.


CAUTION Especially with handrails, it is often not possible to position the joining machine securely on the side of the workpiece due to the handrail design; the round shape prevents the DOMINO joining machine from having a secure support surface.

The trim stop provides additional support in these cases: mark out the desired position of the spindles on the handrail, where the mortise will be cut. From this marking, set an additional marking 10 mm away (or 15 mm when using the DF 700) – this is where the joining machine will be placed later. Then set the routing angle to 90° so that you can route vertically into the handrail from the top. The routing depth is 20 mm again, as with the spindles, with the 6 x 40 mm cutter to be processed.


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