DOMINO Joinery System booklet

4.4 Round profile joints

When connecting round timber profiles, such as those used for handrails, the handrail fence is available as an accessory to ensure a secure workpiece hold. This part fits both the DF 500 and the DF 700 for diameters from 1-3/8” - 2-3/8”. The following example describes how a stop is created using this handrail.

Before starting, ensure that the correct cutter is used. In this example, we are processing an 8 x 40 mm domino, so the 8mm cutter must be used

Set the mortise depth to 20 mm.

Select the mortise height so that the domino is offset towards the inside of the miter, preventing the cutter from going through the workpiece. In our example with a round timber profile with 40 mm diameter, set the routing height to 20 mm.



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