DOMINO Joinery System booklet




Mount the handrail fence onto the DOMINO DF 500 or DF 700 according to the operating instructions. TIP Before processing your workpiece, it is important to create a sample piece and make fine adjustments to the handrail fence according to the operating instructions.

The handrail fence holds the workpiece securely and centers it automatically thanks to the prism-shaped contact surfaces.



Set the fence angle on the Domino to match the cut angle on the workpiece. In our example, the handrail was sawed at 15°, which means the fence angle is set to 75°; this is equal to 90° minus 15°. Secure the workpiece, on the MFT multifunction table. Then cut the mortise in both pieces of material.

Insert the 8 x 40 mm domino into the mortise, applying glue to the joint. Then join the two workpiece parts together – the joint is secured from twisting with just one domino!


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