DOMINO Joinery System booklet




Change the mortise depth to 50 mm and cut the mortises (narrow mortise width) in the frame according to the scribe mark or using the locating pin system. The routing height is determined by the material thickness, using the usual method you already know from working with your DOMINO DF 700. In this example, the frame has a material thickness of 30 mm. Set the routing height to 15 mm so that the routed mortise is centerd in the material.

Then set the routing depth to 25 mm for routing the cross mortise. (This dimension depends on the workpiece; see dimensional drawing. What is important to note is that the cross mortise should overlap the longitudinal mortise by 3 mm in depth.)



Then route the cross mortise into the frame, where the connector will be inserted. Flip the handle down at the front of the edge of the workpiece and align the machine with the scribe mark or using the stop pins (depending on how the horizontal cut mortise was set). TIP For a bigger and therefore safer support surface, it is possible and would be beneficial during this mortising process to mount the support bracket onto the DF 700.

To ensure that the cross mortise always sits at the right distance from the edge of the workpiece, the fence height should be set at 40mm. This will ensure that the cross anchor catches the anchor bolt.


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