DOMINO Joinery System booklet


It is important to ensure that the expansion anchor is flush with the workpiece surface.


Insert the expansion anchor into the center mortise in the post.



Then screw the anchor bolt all the way into the expansion anchor (making sure to bottom out the anchor bolt). This expands the expansion anchor approx.1 mm into the workpiece thanks to the self-drawing property of the bolt and locking it securely into place. A 10 mm open ended spanner is used for this. TIP Alternatively, a 4 mm hexagonal socket can be inserted through the mortise or a ratchet with a 10 mm socket can be used.

Then unscrew the bolt just enough so that the countersink is facing the right direction. The expansion bolt is now sitting securely in the workpiece and cannot fall out of the mortise, even if the joint is disassembled for transport purposes.


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