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Is Smiling Contagious?

Want to Make the World Happier? Just Smi le! THE THAI REPORT

With offices right next door to each other, Dr. Bao Thai of Advanced Nerve and Laser Center and Swisher Dental’s Dr. Suzanne Thai are a couple who strive to promote wellness in their family and community. The Thai Report will provide patients with additional resources to take control of every area of their health. When I started in the medical field, my plan was to be a doctor. I worked hard in school and volunteered in my free time to make sure I got into medical school. However, during my clinical rounds at the hospital, I realized that environment left me feeling unhappy. Making the change to dentistry was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dentistry is my true calling, and I am so fortunate to have such a positive, energetic atmosphere at my office at Swisher Dental. The moods of the people around us have a huge impact on our emotions. They say smiling is contagious, and it is true! In 2016, psychologists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that when we see another person smiling, our brains prompt us to subconsciously mimic their expression. This is called sensorimotor

simulation, and it is something we do to better understand how the people around us are feeling.

Here is the best part: Mimicking a smile does not stop at a mere expression. When we smile, even if we are mirroring someone else, our brain triggers the happy feelings associated with a smile. Smiling really can make you feel happier! Unfortunately, smiling isn’t the only expression that can affect the mood of those around you. Sensorimotor simulation will also prompt us to mimic an angry glare or uncomfortable frown, triggering the negative emotions associated with these expressions. There is nothing wrong with being down if you had a hard day at work, but what about those occasions when we avoid smiling because we do not want anyone to see our teeth? If you find yourself with a perpetual frown, you could be causing your friends and family to frown, too. If your teeth keep you from sharing a smile with your loved ones, please give me a call at 940-312-6939. We can work together to help the whole world smile! –Dr. Suzanne Thai

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