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Introducing Craft Raspberry

The dessert opportunity

“We have been experimenting with pink for quite a while, but haven’t felt that the glazes we developed had quite the affinity for food that we know chefs enjoy with all the other colours in the Craft range,” explains Andrew. “That is until now.”

Craft Raspberry naturally lends itself to desserts, which is excellent news as consumers continue to look to treat themselves during moments of uncertainty.

Over the course of lockdown, the concept of self-care evolved beyond health & wellness to include permissive indulgence. Desserts-focussed chain Creams, for example, saw a 35% lift in year-on- year sales during the month of August. Creams co-founder Adam Mani was widely quoted in the press after the announcement as saying: “Now, more than ever, people need a little sweet relief and a touch of escapism, and I think that’s exactly what we provide at Creams, and that’s the reason our sales have been so exceptionally strong.” Wider consumer interest in baking during lockdown has also given the category a push as ingredients flew from supermarket shelves and home baking-related hashtags took over social media. Speaking of social media, the Raspberry range is set to be a hit on Instagram as venues look to entice consumers with comforting, indulgent, and playful treats. The #dessert, for instance, has been used more than 58 million times at the time of writing this report, with #chocolate over 86 million and #cake over 90 million.

Andrew and the team at Steelite have finally found a pink glaze that they feel is worthy of inclusion into the Craft glaze family. The key to this is twofold: The chosen pink colour is very close to a natural raspberry juice hue and therefore has a great affinity with other natural ingredients. The other element is the ‘fine speckle’ throughout the glaze.

“This pools and congregates within the contours of the piece and adds tone and depth to the brushstrokes used to apply the glaze by hand,” explains Andrew. Andrew says the new pink shade adds more warmth and playfulness to the Craft range. And it is an exciting way to celebrate Craft’s 10th anniversary by pointing to the future.

My favourite dessert to enjoy from a Raspberry plate - Andrew Klimecki

I am blessed (or cursed) with having a very sweet tooth so this one’s an easy one to answer: Chocolate – fondant, soufflé, cake, tart, ice cream, truffles, or in a bar. As with the berry, the slightly acidic pink colour cuts through and enhances the dark richness of the chocolate and enhances the entire experience.



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