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What is glaze? Glaze is the thin, glassy layer formed on the surface of a ceramic product by firing-on an applied coating. Glaze is also the name used to describe the coating itself which consists of a suspension in water of finely ground glass, together with a relatively small amount of clay.

The Yard Brush Story - told by Andrew Klimecki

I experimented with all kinds of ways to get the finish I was after, and nothing was quite right. One day I found a battered old yard brush in the factory warehouse that had been kicked into a corner. Immediately I knew it was potentially the perfect tool for the effect I was after. We used it to dab on the second-process pigment, and Craft was born. And to this day, we use specially designed brushes to the same specification in production. The reactive second- process pigment was something we used in print form dating back to the 1960s. This same pigment is also the basis for our Dapples ranges. ”

Glaze Timeline









Glaze Innovation

February: Craf t Blue, Brown, Green & Terracot ta


Glaze Research and Development has been a significant focus at Steelite International


March: Koto

March: Craf t Grey & Craf t Cookware September: Craf t White

In 2009 when the natural and earthy Teramessa collection was launched, the company sensed that the market was changing and that there would be much more interest in coloured glazes, particularly those that had an artisan look and feel. Terramesa was developed using translucent glazes in combination with a hand-applied reactive dappled edge. This was our ‘toe-in-the-water,’ and the reaction to it was extremely positive, even though our competitors at the time thought we were a little brave (or crazy). From the Japanese-inspired Koto glaze to Craft white’s clean rusticity and the city aesthetic of Urban Smoke, Steelite’s approach to glazes has enabled the Craft range to move forward while maintaining its core identity. An identity that now includes playful sibling Raspberry.


John Miles President & CEO, Steelite International

February: Scape Grey


“ Continuous innovation and new products are the lifeblood of Steelite. In 2009 we became intrigued by the unique glazes and textures available in the Japanese marketplace. We organised a trip with a group of chefs to further explore Japan’s rich history of pottery and sent samples to Andrew Klimecki, who was already in the process of developing Craft. The samples from Japan confirmed the aesthetic direction for Craft as being in sympathy with the simple hand-made country wares developed and in use over many centuries. The final result was Andrew’s inspirational design combined with the rich history of texture and glazes along with Steelite technology and technique. ”

Apri l: Craf t Liquor ice & Porcini


February: Willow Mist & Azure September: Urban Smoke. Vesuvius Lapis, Amber & Burnt Emerald


October: Revolut ion Granite & Sandstone


October: Aurora

November: Craf t Raspberr y

February: Revolut ion Bluestone & Jade



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