Steelite Craft Insight

The Craft story

Craft is the ‘perfect storm’ of an example of the right design at the right time.

Craft’s story began shortly after the last global economic downturn. The whole economic system seemed broken to the point of collapse, and people lost trust in it. When society goes through that kind of shift, people reassess what is important. Consumers started looking for things they trusted or added meaning to their lives and personal experiences. Our industry ushered in a revival of traditional and heritage menus and interiors, farm-to-table going mainstream, and the growth in interest in a rustic style of tableware as part of this mindset. The trend for familiarity also made gaining an emotional response from design even more critical. People were looking for a personal attachment to things they wanted to keep and look after. Handmade and hand-decorated, individualistic pieces were resonating with people. With Craft, Steelite demonstrated to the industry that a range doesn’t have to be white to show that the food is serious. Craft showed that plating food on the right colours and textures could enhance what the chef is trying to achieve.

The range is inspired by hand-crafted, simple country wares and features lustrous glazes applied by hand. The simple forms and shapes produce a unique and individual appearance, with muted colours that provide a rich canvas for presenting food. When Craft was launched, it pushed so many of those emotional buttons for people. It is individual, traditional, authentic; it has got a handmade element to it, making food look great and wholesome. And being the first of its type in the hospitality market means the product has integrity. From small independents to four and five-star properties, Steelite’s Craft has graced the tables at the Four Seasons Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Montage, Fairmont Hotels, Shangri La, Ritz Carlton and St. Regis properties all over the world.

Shane Schaibly, Vice President of Culinary Strategy – First Watch Restaurants

We brought Craft in during the transformation of our brand in 2015. We had just developed a new menu, décor, and uniforms, and we wanted to lean in a different direction when it came to the traditional breakfast and lunch presentation. Plateware means so much in your presentation, and coming from a background in luxury hotels, I wanted to bring a great canvas to First Watch. Craft was one more piece of the puzzle that brought our vision together for our 400+ chain. “ ”



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