Steelite Craft Insight

The importance of Craft dinnerware to the hospitality industry

Dave Turner – Chief Evangelist/Editor, Tabletop Journal

The Craft dinnerware design from Steelite International came onto the hospitality dining scene 10 years ago, when white dinnerware was omnipresent. Craft immediately became one of those “paradigm-shifting” designs that change the way participants view a particular category. Successfully designed products go beyond the design, change the thinking, and ultimately create a better overall user experience. The Craft dinnerware design was/is one of those products. The Craft design also allowed chefs to better connect their food presentations with their dining guests in such emotional terms that price became a secondary, or even a third-level, consideration. The emotions stirred by Steelite’s Craft are those of heritage, comfort, and the authenticity of quality ingredients, prepared well by an artisan chef. With its design details of soft, flowing curves, overall organic shapes, and the colours of nature all coming together, Craft delivered a subliminal message of comfort and safety from good food, made well.

In addition, while being revolutionary in design for its time, Craft also quietly and purposefully delivered on its promise of practicality in service by being a product made by professionals for use by professionals.



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