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SIX SIMPLE STEPS TO HAPPIER HOLIDAYS I love and look forward to the holiday season as much as the next person, but I’ll be first to admit that as much as this is true, I simultaneously feel a great sense of anxiety when the festive season approaches. Christmas parties, gifts and great times lend well to holiday excitement and sadly, great expense. With an uncertain economy and an ever-changing job market, it feels even more stressful than ever. Fortunately for those of us who experience a nagging anxiety tugging at our heart and purse strings, there are ways to relieve these feelings to make the holidays feel almost as joyous as you remember before you had the burden of paying for them.

1. Start this holiday season by getting organized: Maintain a week by week calendar of upcoming events for you and your family during this holiday season. This will help you visualize where you need to be and what you need for each upcoming week. This will further help you avoid last minute panics! 2. Don’t be afraid of money stress: You’re not alone. If you’re concerned about gift giving and don’t want to make a dent in your savings or rely on plastic to foot the bill for Santa, discuss your feelings with your spouse, your children or significant other. Express your concern and create a strategy to survive the expense of the holiday season. 3. Paper or plastic? Remember, if you charge it, you’re only delaying when and how much extra you’ll pay for purchases. Create an overall spending plan and determine in advance how much you can afford this year. 4. Shop early. Shop sales: Take advantage of sales everywhere to get the most for your dollar and don’t forget stores that regularly carry discounted merchandise.

5. Gift giving doesn’t cost a fortune: The most valuable gifts sometimes come in the smallest packages. People often do without the little things they desire because they don’t want to spend money on themselves. This is where you come in. Get creative! 6. Inventory your kitchen: To survive the cooking and baking that goes hand in hand with the holidays, make a list of what you have and what you need. Buy only what you need. Use coupons and remember that if you find something you’ll eventually need on sale now, buy it and freeze it for later.

Author: Susan Powell, 2002

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