The work-integrated Internship Programme is also SETA-funded and provides practical training in business. The students selected for the programme complete a National Certificate Level 6. A community for responsible leather At Mossop Leather, they follow the LEATHERPRINT® approach. This means that Mossop has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that their business practices are conscientious towards the environment, society, and economic activity. Mossop Leather adopts a holistic approach to sustainability whereby they share ideas, build on them, and use these concepts to guide the business in manufacturing, Marc explains. He says it is an opportunity for innovation. This approach guides them on producing better leathers with a significant impact on society and the economy – all while their footprint on the environment remains as small as possible. The Leather Working Group (LWG) accreditation is another step towards greater holistic sustainability and responsible leather production in the day-to-day practices at the tannery. At Mossop Leather, they follow time-honoured traditions while using modern manufacturing, resulting in the perfect synergy between leather and technology.

ally developed Workplace Skills on of the leather industry.

Mossop Leather combines expertise with sustainability.

Pictured here is the layout of Mossop Leather’s impressive garden.


VARS | February

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