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O wners , D evelopers & M anagers IBI Group Gruzen Samton served as architect Stalco & AECOM celebrate completion of $15m expansion L

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ong Island City, NY — Political leaders, LaGuardia Commu- nity College president Gail O. Mellow, The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY), architect IBI Group Gruzen Samton , general contractor Stalco Construction , and construc- tion manager AECOM have just completed a $15 million, 21,000 s/f expansion of the LaGuardia Community Col- lege Library. The expansion converted a section of the second floor at the college’s E-Building at 31-40 Thomson Avenue in Long Island City into an ad- ditional space for the library. The work makes the formerly one-story-plus-mezzanine li- brary 58% larger and doubles the capacity to 732 seats by adding 312 workstations with powered Internet connec- tions at each, media rooms, 11 new group study rooms as well as new reading rooms, a new media lab, faculty suites, archive space, and 50 new of- fices. The project also included reorganizing and upgrading the space on the first floor and connecting it to the new second floor with a staircase and expanded elevator service. The project team also includ- ed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (M/E/P) engineer Joseph R. Loring & Asso- ciates ; structural engineer Ysrael A. Seinuk, P.C. ; and lighting designer Whitehouse Lighting Design, LLC . Scope of Work The work included convert- ing a section of the building’s second floor, which previously housed faculty offices and classrooms, into an additional library space above the li- brary’s existing mezzanine. AECOM and Stalco also re- placed the architectural stair going from the first floor to the mezzanine, and expanded the staircase to the new second floor. The new floor includes the 5,750 s/f courtyard reading room; the 2,790 s/f Thomson Reading Room, a 1,570 s/f media lab, a 1,360 s/f archive room, a video editing room, a recording room, a language lab, offices, 11 group study rooms, restrooms, storage spaces, and mechanical and data rooms. The second floor features nu- merous storefront-type glazed divider walls, carpet flooring,

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dark orange fabric-wrapped wall panels (for visual interest and acoustical control), and soffit, acoustical tile, and per- forated metal floating ceilings. The space is equipped with a reference desk, computer desks, reading tables with chairs by Agati, lounge-type tables and seating by OFS Brands. Continuous recessed light strips high-hat lighting fixtures illuminate the space. Decorative lamps with tradi- tional round shades have been installed on each workstation and table. The atrium space above the stair features three oversized round lighting fix- tures, which can be lowered down automatically for main- tenance. The construction team re- moved the original stair from the main floor to the mezza- nine, then cut an opening of 50'x60' in the concrete slab of the new second-floor library space to accommodate a new staircase. The second floor was shored up during construction for structural stability. The opening on the second floor is the main architectural feature, with its glass sides. The glaz- ing allows patrons a view of the library from the second floor. To create the stair, square notches were cut into the top of concrete pillars. Beams were attached that hold a system of cables that support the stairs. The crews also installed a team portal – two decorative col- umns topped with fasciae that terminate on the second floor. Another matching team portal was added in the 2nd floor’s main reading room. Both of these architectural features were made of millwork and include decorative recessed linear lighting fixtures. Challenging Logistics Most of the work was con- ducted in and around the busy, fully operating library, so great care was taken to avoid dis- rupting students, faculty and librarians. In addition, the con- struction teamwas not allowed

to access the construction site through the building. Rather, it built scaffolding with stairs, a ramp, and a sidewalk bridge on the outside of the building in the section adjacent to the construction site. Construction crews accessed the site through the exterior wall opening and material deliveries were per- formed either through the ramp or with a hoist through the second-floor opening. At no time did crews have any access to the existing elevators in the building. The new stair was delivered and carried into the library in sections through the exterior wall opening and then assembled on the site. A temporary wall was built on the first floor to separate the library from the work area, muffling noise and keeping any dust from the students. Two sets of scaffolding were put up outside the E-Building. Smaller scaffolding in the inner courtyard protected pedestrians while the team created the oversized windows. The larger scaffolding, put in along Thomson and Van Dam Sts., also protected pedestrians but from the demolition debris being brought out of the build- ing. From this scaffolding, debris was dumped into trucks either for recycling or for trash, depending on the nature of the materials. n


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