American Consequences - May 2020


We called it the “gluttonous feast behind the curtain” in the days after the market bottomed. And we were right... Today on Main Street, there is nothing to see but pain. The mirrors in the real world do not distort. They simply show what is... personal tragedies reflected in dozens of unique, terrible ways. Domestic violence around the world has soared... Child abuse is surely up by similar numbers... Small businesses are failing by the hundreds of thousands. More than 30 million Americans are already out of work... and millions more are simply unable to register thanks to clogged phone lines and unworkable websites. Yet, most journalists and TV personalities sit at home... tapping out words of support for the government’s most inane restrictions, laughing at an Oklahoma redneck, and singing along with tone-deaf celebrities in 12,000-square-foot mansions. The real world is a harsh place. It does not get easier when it collapses to the size of a one- bedroom apartment. WHAT THE DEATH OF TRUST MEANS This pandemic is exposing the fault lines in our nation. The foundation of modern civilization is trust. Trust in community. Trust in government and its many agencies. Trust in hospitals, schools, and banks...

WALL STREET GAINS VERSUS MAIN STREET PAINS Pot shops are open... as long as you wear a mask that doesn’t actually protect you from a virus. But in Michigan, stores were required to rope off their seed sections so you couldn’t grow a vegetable garden for yourself. In the time of COVID-19, cannabis is an essential purchase. Radish seeds are not. The governor only rolled back some of these insane and arbitrary restrictions after massive protests and a letter from several sheriffs that said they wouldn’t enforce these rights violations. Still, the governor of Michigan wants to extend her emergency powers by another 28 days. This pandemic and the mass compliance to inane government orders has woken up every Big Government supporter out there... After all, if Americans will simply go along with being locked up in their homes for months at a time, what other decrees will we comply with? Nothing is normal. And it won’t be again for some time. Over on Wall Street, the carnival funhouse of mirrors continues – where what you expect to see is reflected back in odd and horrible ways. In the six weeks since the market bottomed on March 23, the S&P 500 Index is up nearly 30%. Lobbyists are feasting on their share of trillions in government aid. The government and the Federal Reserve have crushed small businesses and given tens of billions to the largest companies in America.


May 2020

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