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O wners , D evelopers &M anagers By Glenn Ebersole, Hollenbach Construction, Inc. How vulnerable are you and your business in 2015? L ooking back on 2014 we witnessed a significant number of events that

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rity vulnerabilities are most likely to occur in 2015. Some examples of major vulnerabili- ties include: border security; highly contagious diseases; airport security; security at federal, state, county and local government buildings; signifi- cant hacking of millions of bank accounts, credit cards, busi- ness and personal computer systems, and other avenues leading to identity theft and a disruption of offering and delivering goods and services.. These gaps in our personal and business security and the increasing number of threats experienced in 2014 make a

very strong case for the need to pay close attention to secu- rity vulnerabilities that will be present and exploited in 2015. Here are some examples of what we are hearing from se- curity experts regarding what may be our REAL VULNER- ABILITIES in our personal and business lives in 2015. 1. LACK OF AWARENESS – There is strong evidence that there is a total lack of aware- ness of individuals and busi- ness, community and govern- ment leaders. We need to be reminded that each one of us needs to be aware of our sur- roundings and what is going on there. 2. APATHY –Wemust guard against becoming apathetic and complacent regarding our own security vulnerabilities. We must not think it will only hap- pen to someone else. Thieves may not know if you are rich or if you have many items of value, but they will try to get your smart phone, computer, or credit card and when they do they will try to use them for their gain and your loss. 3. OVERCONFIDENCE – Some companies and individu- als may think they are too rich and powerful that they will not be attacked. However, look at Sony Entertainment which is a large and rich company and how vulnerable there were to cyber-attacks. With a per- ceived and real “high reward” and imagined “low risks” by hackers, more large companies and wealthy and famous indi- viduals will eventually become a victim of a cyber-attack. 4. NOSTRATEGICTHINK- ING LEADERSHIP – There continues to be a real absence of strategic thinking leadership to recognize and identify the vulnerabilities and then com- mit to and develop a strategic plan of action to address those vulnerabilities. 5. NO STRATEGICACTION PLAN – There is no strategic ac- tion plan to be executed with ap- propriate orientation and train- ing so people will understand the plan and will be trained on how to implement the plan and use the appropriate staff and technology included in the plan. Today we are faced with many people and organizations that want to compromise our business and personal security. They will find gaps in our secu- rity, awareness, leadership and understanding and they will continued on page 8B

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highlighted exploitations of gaps in se- curity and a growing num- ber of threats to our busi- ness and per- sonal lives. A review of


Outstanding newly renovated & open space layout of the 2nd & 3rd floors in 6000 Midlantic Drive ready for customized tenant fit-out. Located within Laurel Corporate Center, southern New Jersey’s most prestigious corporate park setting featuring immediate access to I-295 and nearby amenities. Space can be subdivided.

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what happened in 2014 and “lessons learned” from those events is a mandatory task. We can look at the events in 2014 and make some educated predictions about what secu-

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