Housing Choices Australia Group - Annual Report 2020



Welcome to a spotlight on the Tasmanian achievements and milestones made possible by our residents, sta, partners and stakeholders. During this period Tasmania continued to feel the impacts of an extremely tight housing market resulting in ever increasing demand for good quality, stable and aordable housing across all regions. We were extremely pleased to be able to complete the construction of a number of new dwellings during the year. Dwellings that individuals and families have now made their homes. Importantly, supported by our ongoing advocacy for an increase in long term housing supply, the release of further state and federal government grant funding rounds helped us put together a significant pipeline of construction activity into the future. This will see us deliver an additional 172 much needed homes over the next 6 – 18 months, for those Tasmanians who are excluded from the private housing market, and will increase our portfolio to 338 dwellings. The State Government also announced its intention to provide stimulus funding for additional social housing in response to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Housing Choices Tasmania (HCT) will be at the forefront of ensuring a meaningful contribution to this important supply initiative. The Tasmanian team now manage over 1,550 homes across the state, comprising a significant portfolio of properties managed on behalf of Housing Tasmania, a portfolio of HCT-owned homes and a small number of head-leased properties to support people escaping from family violence. Housing Choices Tasmania is committed to continuing its work in delivering a tailored housing product for this vulnerable cohort of people and ensuring that they are supported to access a long-term, sustainable tenancy. Whilst building more homes to enable more people to live in aordable, contemporary and secure housing is always a highlight, the things we do to support our residents to live in resilient and inclusive neighbourhoods that support life opportunities is also critical. We continue to invest in making sure that we do this and do it well and each of our partnerships helps us to achieve this goal.

Of utmost importance in ensuring that we are delivering the services that truly benefit our residents; we make sure that we ask them to provide feedback. This is done via our regular contact, but at a strategic level we also survey our residents annually via an external, independent process. In the north-west our residents continue to embrace our localised service approach and the community engagement we practice. Despite the impacts of COVID-19, we were able to deliver some great programs. Our southern-based residents participated regularly in localised capacity-building activities, from group learning through to community gardening. It is this work, in combination with quality tenancy and property management, which assists in the long-term renewal and sustainability of communities. Achievements in this area over the 2019–20 year included:

Committed $110,000 to community development activities through the Resident Community Fund Grants Program that helped fund several resident and stakeholder initiated projects and programs; Sponsorship of several community initiated events including International Women’s Day, Neighbour Day Community Meal and the Doors to Mentors Program; and

13 x $1000 Scholarships awarded to HCT residents to further their educational aspirations.


Pictured (R): Kim Bomford, General Manager of Housing Services (TAS) speaking at the Fairlie St, Latrobe launch.

Housing Choices Australia | Annual Report 2019-20

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