Housing Choices Australia Group - Annual Report 2020


The pandemic has shown us the crucial importance of basic public services – including social housing. The community housing sector is positioned to assume a deeper relevance in Australia and economic restructuring will see the sector as a focus for stimulus and employment. But it will be new – in sheer scale, in funding and financing and in the quality of our initiatives, it will present opportunity of a rare kind. Housing Choices Australia is well positioned to respond to this environment. The Board of Directors reviewed its strategic direction to ensure the organisation has the capacity and capability to respond, innovate, deliver and govern in such a rapidly changing and challenging environment. Despite the challenges, Housing Choices has continued to deliver, and our positive impact is highlighted in this year’s annual report achievements. As always, there is considerable change to manage. Of particular note is the stepping down of Arthur Papakotsias after five years as Chair and of Director Saul Eslake. As a CEO who built a national not-for-profit himself, Arthur was ideally positioned to guide Housing Choices through its formative years. I thank them both for their significant contributions and warmly welcome Prof. Chris Leishman and Drew Beswick to the Board.

To our various strategic partners – state governments, developers, service providers, financiers and many others – I oer my sincere thanks. Housing Choices is a partnership-based organisation, which depends upon joint working arrangements of many kinds. In the next two to three years, we expect new and long-term strategic alliances and partnerships to emerge. Our residents are also engaged at all levels of the organisation. During the year, a highlight for me was ‘The Theory of Change’, focusing in detail on the nature and quality of services delivered to residents. Housing Choices’ achievements are measured in multiple ways and how our residents view us is especially critical. Our workforce continues to adapt and diversify, despite the challenges that were presented in the second half of this financial year due to the pandemic. My thanks to all for the commitment, energy, and skill demonstrated throughout the organisation and for the innovative way that sta engaged to support residents and each other through these challenging times. I am immensely proud of our sta and of our organisation. The past year has transitioned us to a new phase for Housing Choices. I am optimistic about our organisation’s ability to contribute to Australia’s social and economic recovery through the delivery of more, much needed, social and aordable housing.


Housing Choices Australia | Annual Report 2019-20

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