The Newsletter Pro - March 2020


6. Being the CEO Finally, if you want to win in business, then you have to think, act, and be the CEO. What I mean by this is that mindset matters. It’s important to understand that change is constant in your role. You may not be the CEO your company needs 12 months from now, but be willing to bust your butt to become that person. You have to invest in yourself. Don’t chase the next shiny object; instead, focus on the skills required to become the leader your company needs. You have to be willing to let go of the job you do and love because you think no one can do it as well as you can — that’s simply untrue. I’m happy to share shiny objects with you guys. In fact, I could make a good amount of additional profit if I did, but the reality is that shiny objects aren’t what you need. Once you discover and become comfortable with the idea that these six areas are the fundamentals you must master to scale and grow, then you will finally move your business and yourself in the right direction. Being great at the boring stuff wins business. This may not be a sexy message, but I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear. I’m here to show you what you need in order to scale, grow, and live the life of your dreams. If that’s what you truly want, then pay attention to what I share in this newsletter, reread this article, and take action!

4. Happy Employees One of the smartest things you can do in business is realize your employees are the ones who take care of your customers. If your employees are happy, then they will do a better job serving your customers, and if the customers are happy because the employees are serving them well, then they will refer more, spend more, and stay with you longer, which in turn will make you happy because you will turn a larger profit. In addition, taking great care of your employees is the right thing to do. Here’s my final note on this: It costs a minimum of three times an employee’s total monthly compensation to hire, train, and replace someone who quits or is fired — and that’s assuming you make the correct hire the first time. Keeping employees happy may seem expensive, but employee churn is by far more expensive. 5. Playing the Long Game If you’re in business and aren’t playing the long game, then you may win the battle, but you’re guaranteed to lose the war. I am very future- focused. I will sacrifice today for a better tomorrow, and I do my best not to make emotional decisions

in business and my personal life. An example of playing the long game in your business is utilizing relationship and referral marketing, and one tool for this type of marketing is a newsletter. If you publish a newsletter through us or do one yourself, you’re not going to produce an easily tracked direct return on investment like a lead generation ad does. For one, that’s not the purpose of a newsletter. Done correctly, a newsletter will decrease churn, increase upsells, turn more prospects into customers (assuming you’re sending to prospects, which you NEED to be doing), and generate more referrals. If you’re unwilling to invest in a long-term relationship marketing and nurture campaign or if you require a lead generation-type of direct ROI, then you’ll never see the benefits. People who don’t understand the long game think and operate in this “small ball” fashion. The same is true for content you put out. If you only publish promotional material or use the newsletter cover to promote your new widget instead of to nurture and build relationships with your readers, then you won’t be nearly as successful with your campaign.


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“Keeping employees happy may seem expensive, BUT EMPLOYEE CHURN IS BY FAR MORE EXPENSIVE.”




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