The Newsletter Pro - March 2020


showcase your promotions. Using an FSI keeps your pitch about a sale, new or existing product, and service separate from the genuine, relationship- building content of your newsletter. Do you have a contingency of consumers, clients, or patients with unique needs? An FSI is an easy way to issue a targeted marketing message to a specific audience segment. Want to hype an upcoming event? At least 6 weeks prior, feature the details in your FSI. Be sure to connect with a Pro at thepros@thenewsletterpro. com to get more info on pricing and the best ways to use an FSI to boost the ROI of your newsletter. Here’s an example of a client FSI. Note the definitive call to action (CTA), ample branding, and clear messaging that hypes the benefit of the promotion to the consumer/patient first and foremost:

Great content marketing and brand storytelling that doesn’t have to be created from scratch is as good as gold! Your newsletter is media you own and control, but are you leveraging the power of its contents to the fullest? Use our checklist below to make sure you’re using your available marketing assets to expand your brand reach, diversify your messaging, and optimize the total ROI of your newsletter. † MASTER COPIES: Let your newsletter’s master copies work for you! Pass them out at trade shows, conventions, and special events. Make sure your entire staff reads them. Mail master copies to your hot leads. Most of our clients receive 25 master copies of their newsletter. Want more? Reach out to your project manager at † HTML EDITION: Nothing beats the power of a PRINT newsletter, but your HTML version is a great digital touchpoint in a well-rounded, omnichannel marketing plan. Post the HTML version of your newsletter on your social media accounts. Always make sure your company’s website address is featured in the footer of the print and HTML versions of your newsletter. Or have your Pro add a hyperlink in your HTML version to drive traffic to your website. † 52 WEEKLY EMAILS*: Each month, our clients receive a package of “Weekly Reading” templates to be sent out to their list(s) once a week. This is ready-to-send content you can call your own and send to your colleagues, constituents, clients, and prospects! We offer two versions of these “Weekly Reading” templates: one for our B2C clients and one for our B2B clients. The B2C version includes content of a variety of topics that may interest anyone. Sometimes they’re self-help oriented with resources on how to get out of debt. Other weeks, you might find yourself mailing out an email on the history of Mardi Gras. It’s different, and that’s what helps spark your customers’ curiosity so they open the email each week. For our B2B clients, we model the “Weekly Reading” templates off of resources we’ve had success with at The Newsletter Pro. These include info on improving sales tactics and learning how to brand yourself and your business. Your “Weekly Readings” aren’t meant to sell anything; they’re meant to offer value to your readers. This is why the “Weekly Readings” we provide don’t focus on specific industries. These weekly touches keep you top of mind and build relationships. This helps create customer loyalty that later boosts your customer retention numbers. † FSIs: After the first 3 months of consistently sending out the print version of your newsletter, you should start including a free-standing insert (FSI) to specifically

† BLOG CONTENT*: Are you struggling to come up with new content? Repurpose your newsletter content into a blog to increase traffic on your company website! Creating good content takes time and effort; repurposing content is just smart. Great content on your website builds brand equity and encourages more web visitors to convert. Don’t forget to also post the images and infographics that accompanied your newsletter content into your blog for a richer read.

*Indicates content that is only provided to Custom Package clients

Not receiving one of these awesome perks or want to upgrade your newsletter package? Reach out to your Pro or call us at 208.297.5700. What? Don’t have a newsletter yet? You’re missing out on the secret weapon for doubling referrals and tripling retention. Schedule a free consultation with a marketing Pro today at .



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