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Pre-College credit refers to the opportunities to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school. In MCCSC, you can earn college credit that transfers to institutions across the nation through: Advanced Placement (AP) courses: • Taught in the high school • Curricula from the College Board (makers of the SAT) Dual Credit Courses: • Enrolled in a college course, but you attend the class at your high school

(or on a college campus) and the course is taught by a high school teacher (or college instructor), who is certified to teach college coursework • Earn college credit through completing the coursework

• Earn college credit by earning an exam score at the end of the course

MCCSC partners with Indiana University, Ivy Tech Community College, Vincennes University and the College Board to offer 61 unique pre-college credit courses.

20 AP Courses & 40+ Dual Credit Courses A Total of 198 Hours of College Credit Offered A student who takes five college courses (15 credit hours) would save $4,875 On average one college credit hour = an estimated $325

Offerings in:

• Art • Career & Technical Education • English

• Music • Science • Social Studies • World Language

Did you know? ● Those seeking a bachelor’s degree with dual credit are 2 times more likely to graduate from college one semester early ● Students taking dual credit are 3 times more likely to earn an honors designation on their diploma ● Students taking dual credit are 4 times more likely to successfully pass an AP Test ● Associate degree seekers or certificate seekers are 6 times more likely to complete associate’s degree or certificate one semester early

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