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The Success School – A Community Partnership For Our Students A program of the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, the Success School provides career awareness and workforce development services for youth in Bloomington and Monroe County. By working with teachers and schools to offer real-world experiences, the Success School gets young people excited about future education and careers by showing them the relevance and importance of their education to life and careers after graduation. Opportunities include:

Reality Store ® is a simulations that helps middle school students appreciate the ‘realities’ of life and achieve a better understanding of personal finance. In the Reality Store ® simulation, middle school students pretend they are a 28-year-old starting out in their life and career. In class beforehand, they have decided how many children they have (up to a maximum of 3), whether they are married or single, and, if they are married, whether their spouse works or is a “stay-at-home spouse.” They then choose a career based on their current GPA and are given a corresponding monthly salary for that career. Students then enter the Reality Store ® to spend that monthly salary at 16 different tables representing different aspects of life as an adult. In an average school year, this program runs at four local middle schools, with over 900 students participating in the events and over 150 community members volunteering to run the various career tables.

I loved this! I learned so much information and this experience has really made me excited to go into the workforce and go into college. —JCM student

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