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The Career Speakers Bureau is a year-round program that brings professionals into the high schools to participate in panels consisting of 3-5 speakers. These panels help to introduce students to a variety of career options that are available within a given field, as well as allow students to ask questions about the various professions being presented. These volunteer speakers provide advice to students for their college plans and inform students how to prepare for success in the field. Each panel is focused around a specific career field, such as Medical, STEM, Arts, Public Safety, Social Work, Culinary Arts, Management and more. Mock Interviews take place once a year for the freshman business class at The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship. This event provides students with an opportunity to practice their interviewing skills in a safe, supportive environment with an actual professional whom they have not previously met, and allows students to receive feedback and helpful advice for future interviews. The Job Shadowing program allows high school students the chance to explore careers by observing and interacting with people on the job, for a short period of time (usually a half day). High school freshman from the Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship are partnered with professionals from local organizations who offer careers in which the students have an interest.

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