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How We Tour the Wild West

This summer, we plan to go to Grand Teton again and visit spots like Hidden Falls. When you go in the fall, you can hear the elk bugling. If you like to view wildlife, you’ll often have a better chance at Grand Teton, where we’ve seen elk, deer, and bears. In Yellowstone, there are more buffalo and eagles, and when it’s earlier in the spring, you may see wolves. Old Faithful is there too, keeping to her schedule every hour, on the hour. It’s enriching to participate in these unique moments that nature gives us.

us counting — something in the 30 to 40 range — as we made our way to the top of Beartooth Mountain. When you’re at 11,000 feet, you’re leveling with Mother

Following our snow-filled winters, summer is a season I welcome. Jeanelle and I hope to enjoy the next few months in the outdoors with weekend camping trips, hiking, and touring our corner of the West. People travel from all over the world to visit some of the locations we are fortunate enough to live nearby — including Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks — and we make every effort to enjoy our proximity to these landscapes.

Jeanelle and I next to our rented Harley Davidson

Nature. It’s not as if you’re looking up to a neighboring mountain range. It’s just you and a vast expanse of wilderness. Two of our close friends joined us on the road as we made our way through Wyoming into Yellowstone. We really enjoyed the ride. Our adventures included riding through a rain storm — fortunately, we had our wet gear with us — and riding alongside herds of buffalo. At 11,000 feet, we had a snowball fight in the middle of July. It was very enjoyable and allowed Jeanelle and I to reconnect with people who are dear to us. Because I don’t motorcycle enough to justify owning one, we rented a touring bike from Harley Davidson. I used to race snowmobiles and motorcycles in Canada, but that was 100 years ago — or, at least, when I was in my teens. I obey the speed limit now.

In the summertime, we enjoy the beautiful area and the people. When we get outside for a weekend to appreciate our natural surroundings,

Jeanelle and I after hiking up to one of the beautiful waterfalls

Jeanelle and I at almost 11,000 feet on the snowy summit of Beartooth Mountain

it reminds us of the world’s natural grandeur. There’s so much to enjoy and see, and viewing it with those you care about is a wonderful experience. If you can get away for a weekend, or even a day, go out and enjoy our beautiful Western wilderness. It’s all around us.

Last July, Jeanelle and I went on a motorcycle trip through Beartooth Pass. We had four days to wind through it, which took us into West Yellowstone, parts of Idaho, and through the northeast entrance of Yellowstone. If you’ve never seen it, it’s an awe-inspiring journey. You’ll view wildlife, breathtaking vistas, and yes — snow in July! The multiple switchbacks also kept

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