Hearing Center of LI - July 2018

The Fifth Step to Excellent Hearing Satisfaction In each of the last few issues of the Long Island Sound, we have been covering the six steps we use at the Hearing Center of Long Island to ensure that our patients receive long-term said, was that a hearing aid fitting is only successful if the patient is happy with the results. “You should make your patients smile,” he said. To ensure patient satisfaction, we guide Real-World Results

hearing satisfaction, as described in Dr. Larry’s book, “Better Hearing With or Without Hearing Aids.” This month, we will be discussing step five: Outcome Validation. This step comes after testing to verify that your hearing aids are technically performing as they should. Are you getting the benefits you should be getting? In graduate school, one of Dr. Larry’s professors asked the class, “How do you know if a particular hearing aid fitting has been successful?” The class chimed in with all kinds of answers, most of which involved various types of testing they had been taught to do. The professor thanked the class for their thoughtful answers but told them they were all wrong. The correct answer, he Sudoku

every patient through a step we call “Outcome Validation,” where we check to see whether their hearing aids are providing the benefits they should be getting in their everyday lives. Although it seems counterintuitive, research shows that in-office measures of speech understanding while wearing hearing aids are not strongly correlated with self-reported benefit and satisfaction in real life. That is why we focus primarily on written questionnaires and informal interviews with our patients to determine whether or not they are truly getting all they need out of their hearing aids. This step is important because if you are not getting some of the real-world

benefits that testing indicates you should be getting, your audiologist can almost always make changes or adjustments, or give you instructions to correct the problem. At Hearing Center of Long Island, our audiologists are experts at this troubleshooting. If you are curious about the ways you can get more out of your hearing aids, or if you’re just curious about how much benefit you should expect from the best hearing help, call us at (516) 874-3675 to schedule a free consultation. We will do everything we can to make you smile.

On Listening “You never get people’s fuller attention than when you are listening to them.” –Robert Brault The Sound of Laughter Q: Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? A: At the bottom.

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