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APRIL 2020

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creating your estate plan one of the most important (and gratifying) things you can do. I see families show visible relief and even joy once we’re done with the process, knowing everything is secure. It’s a good feeling, knowing that no matter what happens to you, your family has specific instructions for how to care for you and how to distribute your belongings. If you haven’t gotten around to planning, contact us to schedule a family wealth planning session. We evaluate your specific circumstances and goals to determine if a simple will or another strategy, such as a living trust, is your best option. While there are many things you can do by yourself — getting in shape, eating better, learning to garden — an estate plan isn’t one of them. Taking the do-it-yourself approach can get you (and ultimately, your loved ones who have to deal with the aftermath) into hot water fast. You’re left wondering, “Did I do it right?” It may give you a false sense of security that you’ve taken care of your affairs, when really, typical DIY plans leave so much room for error. This approach might be a good idea if you’re looking to build a new deck for your backyard or install tile flooring in your bathroom, but when it comes to estate planning, you put your family’s well-being and wealth at risk with DIY legal services. If you’ve already created a plan, whether it was a DIY job or one created with another lawyer’s help, contact us to schedule an estate plan review and checkup. We’ll ensure your plan is not only properly drafted and updated but also has all of the protections in place to prevent your children from ever being placed in the care of strangers and your belongings from being placed in the hands of the state. DIY plans and inadequate planning can leave families in conflict trying to figure out what their loved one intended. Fortunately, every day, we see families brought closer together as a result of handling these matters the right way. Take care of your estate plan this month and see what it feels like to live with that weight off of your shoulders. – Scott Reib


For almost everyone I talk to, creating an estate plan is something they’ve “been meaning to do” but just haven’t gotten to yet. That waiting game weighs on you. We recently worked with an elderly client who’s in their 80s. After signing their will, they turned and said to us, “Okay, now I can die.” Taking that step meant that whatever life brought next, they were at peace. It lifted a big weight off of their shoulders.

I see similar reactions all the time.

Before doing their estate plan, people walk around with the weight of knowing they don’t have their affairs in order. Maybe once you get to your 50s, you begin to think about your own mortality. What would happen to your family if anything happened to you? Once you reach 70, 80, or 90, it’s even more of an urgent matter.

The reality, of course, is that anything could happen at any moment, whether you’re 35 or 85. That makes

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