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creating your estate plan one of the most important (and gratifying) things you can do. I see families show visible relief and even joy once we’re done with the process, knowing everything is secure. It’s a good feeling, knowing that no matter what happens to you, your family has specific instructions for how to care for you and how to distribute your belongings. If you haven’t gotten around to planning, contact us to schedule a family wealth planning session. We evaluate your specific circumstances and goals to determine if a simple will or another strategy, such as a living trust, is your best option. While there are many things you can do by yourself — getting in shape, eating better, learning to garden — an estate plan isn’t one of them. Taking the do-it-yourself approach can get you (and ultimately, your loved ones who have to deal with the aftermath) into hot water fast. You’re left wondering, “Did I do it right?” It may give you a false sense of security that you’ve taken care of your affairs, when really, typical DIY plans leave so much room for error. This approach might be a good idea if you’re looking to build a new deck for your backyard or install tile flooring in your bathroom, but when it comes to estate planning, you put your family’s well-being and wealth at risk with DIY legal services. If you’ve already created a plan, whether it was a DIY job or one created with another lawyer’s help, contact us to schedule an estate plan review and checkup. We’ll ensure your plan is not only properly drafted and updated but also has all of the protections in place to prevent your children from ever being placed in the care of strangers and your belongings from being placed in the hands of the state. DIY plans and inadequate planning can leave families in conflict trying to figure out what their loved one intended. Fortunately, every day, we see families brought closer together as a result of handling these matters the right way. Take care of your estate plan this month and see what it feels like to live with that weight off of your shoulders. – Scott Reib


For almost everyone I talk to, creating an estate plan is something they’ve “been meaning to do” but just haven’t gotten to yet. That waiting game weighs on you. We recently worked with an elderly client who’s in their 80s. After signing their will, they turned and said to us, “Okay, now I can die.” Taking that step meant that whatever life brought next, they were at peace. It lifted a big weight off of their shoulders.

I see similar reactions all the time.

Before doing their estate plan, people walk around with the weight of knowing they don’t have their affairs in order. Maybe once you get to your 50s, you begin to think about your own mortality. What would happen to your family if anything happened to you? Once you reach 70, 80, or 90, it’s even more of an urgent matter.

The reality, of course, is that anything could happen at any moment, whether you’re 35 or 85. That makes

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your reasons, you build a sense of trust. This trust leads to loyalty, and loyalty means that person comes back to do business with you and also refers your business to others. This is how businesses grow! Figuring out your “why” is a process of discovery, not invention. In order to discover it, you can turn to three key strategies. • Look backward at the original motivation for starting your business. What specific problem were you trying to solve, and why was it important to you to solve it? • Look outward by asking those around you why they spend time with you or why a customer buys from you. You can learn why people are drawn to you and your business this way. • Look inward by identifying a bigger vision that you wish to contribute to. What do you believe in? What really matters to you? “Start With Why” teaches readers how to go about discovering their “why,” then instructs them on how to effectively use that information to help their business. It also helps them unleash their business’s vast potential that has remained untapped until now. Reviews of Process Street talk about the clean, easy to use interface and the benefits of the thousands of premade templates that make setting up various workflows — from writing a blog post to posting on social media — a no-brainer. Process Street also allows you to include descriptions of a process with the ability to make many customizations. As one reviewer says, “In general, process and task instructions look as good as you would expect of a blog post or a Word document.” There are a couple potential drawbacks, as with any piece of software. Access control and security options are a bit limited. For example, you can’t restrict access to a task, but you can restrict who can start a process. Process Street also offers limited reports, which may be a challenge for some businesses. Process Street might be best suited for businesses looking to document their processes to benefit efficiency and flow. So if you're trying to improve your systems and workflow, it might be worth checking Process Street out. If you do, let me know what you think!

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: You can manipulate it, or you can inspire it.” –Simon Sinek It can often be hard to clearly articulate what you do for a living. That means it can be difficult to explain your vision to potential clients and customers, which then makes it harder to convince them to purchase your product or services. In “Start With Why,” author Simon Sinek illustrates the importance of explaining

to others why you do the business you do rather than explaining what you do or how you do it.

Sinek argues that when people start figuring out the “why” in what they do, it inspires action from others in a way that discussing the “what” can’t. Talking about the “why” engages emotions; analyzing the “what” is purely logical. When you try to sell something to people based on “what,” you rely on specific manipulations like price and product details. But if you help people understand why you do what you do by revealing the real purpose and intention behind

BIZ TOOL OF THE MONTH: PROCESS STREET Recently, someone told me about a workflow management tool that piqued my interest. Called Process Street, this cloud-based process management solution allows businesses to easily manage recurring projects. Process Street allows users to create checklists and process documents for their projects to streamline workflow and cut out redundancies.

Here are some of its promising features.

• Process Street can be integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, and other third-party software.

• You can create scheduled checklists.

• You can choose from a monthly or annual subscription.

Based on your checklists, Process Street can also take structured data from forms and create big-picture looks at your company’s workflow. Users can schedule and assign workflows that then get updated to integrated apps, keeping everything more streamlined. Process Street uses built-in Zapier support to connect with over 100 apps.

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attorney. In some states, the executor of your will must either be a family member or an in-law, and if not, the person must live in your state. If your chosen executor doesn't meet those requirements, they cannot serve. 3. UNFORESEEN CONFLICT Family dynamics are complex. This is even truer for blended families, and a DIY service cannot account for all these complexities or help you plan for them. When done right, the estate planning process is an opportunity to build new connections within your family, and estate planning attorneys, like us at REIBLAW, are specifically trained to help you with that. At REIBLAW, we don’t just draft documents — we ensure you make informed and empowered decisions about life and death, for yourself and the people you love. We draft all your paperwork in a meticulous and professional manner so you can rest assured that your loved ones will be taken care of. Give us a call to get started.

Online planning documents may appear to save you time and money, but just because you created “legal” documents doesn’t mean they will work when you need them to. If you read the fine print on most do-it-yourself planning websites, you’ll find disclaimers pointing out that their documents are “no substitute” for the advice of a lawyer. However appealing it may be to use those services, estate planning is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. To demonstrate just how individualized the planning process can be, here are three common complications you’re likely to encounter with DIY plans. 1. IMPROPER EXECUTION To be considered legally valid, some planning documents must be executed (i.e. signed and witnessed or notarized) following very strict legal procedures. Many states require that you and every witness to your will sign it in the presence of one another. If your DIY will doesn’t mention that and you fail to follow this procedure, the document may be worthless. 2. NOT ADHERING TO STATE LAW State laws are also very specific about who can serve in certain roles, like your trustee, executor, or financial power of


We want your feedback! In editions of this newsletter, we’ve covered everything from business contracts to how to handle the former spouse who wound up with everything because there was no business succession plan in place. But now we’re wondering: What would you like to see? You know those legal questions that Google can’t give you a satisfactory answer to? The ones that keep you up at night, as you wonder whether it’s time to call a lawyer? We want to answer those. Send us your questions, and we’ll be using these to address the topics that you want to know more about. Text your questions and curiosities to 972.677.3002 .

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• 1/2 cup mayonnaise • 2 tbsp milk • 1 tsp dried parsley flakes • 1/2 tsp dill weed • 1/2 tsp fresh chives, minced • 1/2 tsp ground mustard • Salt, paprika, garlic powder, and pepper, to taste

• 12 large eggs, hard-boiled • Fresh parsley, minced, and paprika for garnish


1. In a large bowl, combine mayonnaise, milk, parsley flakes, dill, chives, mustard, salt, paprika, garlic powder, and pepper. Mix well and set aside. 2. Cut eggs lengthwise and remove yolks carefully to preserve egg whites. 3. In a small bowl, mash yolks. 4. Mix mashed yolks with mayonnaise mixture. 5. Spoon or pipe the mixture back into the egg whites. 6. Garnish with fresh parsley and paprika. Refrigerate before serving.

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4 TRAVEL MISTAKES YOU KEEP MAKING Most people love to travel, but few people enjoy business trips. While that can partially be chalked up to the extra rest and relaxation you might have on a nonwork-related trip, unhealthy habits can make business trips even more draining. If business trips leave you feeling like you need a vacation, you might be making the following mistakes. SKIPPING BREAKFAST On hectic mornings with early meetings, it’s tempting to skip breakfast and just grab some coffee. But if you usually eat breakfast at home, skipping your morning meal can cause you to be a lot hungrier later, which can lead to excess snacking or overeating at lunch. When traveling, stick to your regular eating habits. EATING RESTAURANT SERVING SIZES If you’re eating three restaurant-sized meals a day, you’re going to get more calories than if you were cooking at home. Don’t be afraid to order half-portions or stick to the appetizer menu. You can also ask about ordering meals à la carte — no one needs all those fries with their burger, anyway. These strategies will help you save money and stick to a healthy calorie count.

NOT PACKING WORKOUT GEAR Research from the travel risk management company On Call International found that 54% of people say they’re less likely to exercise while on a work trip, but you shouldn’t let fitness take a back seat. Packing workout clothes can serve as a reminder to get some exercise. Get in a good workout by taking advantage of the hotel gym, walking to nearby destinations, or doing some yoga in the hotel room before bed. NOT TAKING SLEEP SERIOUSLY Early morning meetings, late-night networking events, and unfamiliar hotel rooms are a recipe for lost sleep. Lack of sleep puts your body on the fast-track to poor health, so you need to make good sleep a priority. Do your best to maintain your sleep schedule and bedtime routine while traveling. Better yet, check the guest reviews before booking your hotel. Heed complaints about thin walls or uncomfortable beds and find accommodations that support a good sleep environment. You shouldn’t have to dread business trips. Build better travel habits to feel healthier and enjoy every kind of trip you take this year.

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