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How School Shaped My Life

I wore the black and gold of Frederick Douglass High School. The current mayor of Atlanta went there, and for those of you that don’t know, that place didn’t take excuses from anybody. If you tried to explain that something was too hard or you couldn’t do it, the teachers at that school would immediately hold you accountable. There was no pity allowed. If you wanted to cut class, good luck. The principal was halfway between the school and MARTA sending children back to class every day. It was the administration’s view that you went to that school for one purpose, and one purpose only: to learn. The relationships I forged there endure to this day. The assistant principal at my children’s school graduated with me, and he instills the same accountability we had at our school with all of his students. Fortunately for me, my children aren’t Nothing is more important than how one generation learns from a previous one. For our society to grow and move forward, we need to better understand the mistakes of our parents, their parents, and everyone else in our life. Without that learning, we perpetuate the same cycle of dysfunction, oppression, and prejudice that has plagued us for years. Because of this, I view education as one of the most critical social constructs there is.

troublemakers. I’ve never received a call from the school or teachers about anything. Part of that might be because of all the educational professionals in my family. My family has a principal, a school administrator, and a counselor, so my children have had good behavior instilled in them from multiple sources. “ WITHOUT THAT LEARNING, WE PERPETUATE THE SAME CYCLE OF DYSFUNCTION, OPPRESSION, AND PREJUDICE THAT HAS PLAGUED US FOR YEARS. Education is all about change. A big part of that is an openness to hearing someone else’s message. No matter

the labels or the judgments we might make, we can always learn about life from each other. Another part is finding a teacher who will embrace change. I had a lot of college professors who completely expanded my horizons because I was receptive to what they had to say. A lot of people will tell you what to do in life, but it’s only through education that we can find the right path. If we can learn, embrace change, and hold ourselves accountable, I believe we’ll have no problem passing on meaningful lessons to the generations after us. In the meantime, I hope you have the best day of your life so far.

–Duane Hamilton

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