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Relieving Neck Pain & Headaches

issue isn’t always as simple to identify. Sometimes it is a bad habit that you don’t really think twice about, like your habitofwatchingTVasyou fallasleep,keepingyourneck at an odd angle as you rest for the evening, or maybe as a result of your posture as you type at your desk every day, hunchedoverat theshoulderswithyourneckcatching the brunt of your slouch. These poor habits are common, and most of us consider them to be harmless. Sure, you know it isn’t great for you, but what is actually going to happen? It’s a lot easier to slouch as you type, and who doesn’t want to catch a few late-night laughs as they fall asleep? But the reality is that these seemingly irrelevant habits could be putting undue stress on your neck, and if you aren’t careful, this could translate to regular and uncomfortable headaches that are difficult to get rid of. The Problem With Posture Working with a physical therapist can help you to identify whether or not your headaches may be the result of neck pain or strain. One of the most common causes of headaches due to neck pain is forward head position. Forward head position means that when you are resting your head, you are continuing to hold your head slightly forward, which is a type of slouching position.

Headacheshaveabadhabitofmaking theirappearanceat the most inconvenient times. The middle of the workday, early in theeveningwhenyouhavehoursofresponsibilities ahead of you, or even first thing in the morning when you are trying to pay attention to your morning meeting — headaches don’t care how important the work ahead of you is. When they start, they are hard to stop. Thereareallsortsofreasonswhyheadachesmaydevelop. From environmental factors like weather changes and exposure to certain perfumes or other scents, to stress and allergies, headaches happen to the best of us. However, there are some headaches that may be a bit morepredictable thanothers.Factors likeyourposture, the type of mattress you sleep on, the pillow you use, or even thedeskchairyousit inatworkcanall impactyour risk for experiencing regular headaches because of the intricate network of nerves and muscles in your neck. When Neck Pain Leads to Headaches Themajorityofthetime,neckpainstartsoutasaseemingly smallconcern.Acrick inyourneckhereor theremaystart to develop more frequently, and before you know it, your experienceofneckpain issomethingyouaredealingwith daily. It isn’t always the result of something large. While being inacaraccidentorexperiencinganothersortof injury can definitely lead to chronic neck pain, the cause of the

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