Oakland PT. Neck Pain & Headaches

If you, or a loved one, has pain, join us in a complimentary informative workshop on common causes, treatments, and prevention of your pain. ROTATOR CUFF & SHOULDER PAIN Tuesday, February 12, at 6:00 pm COMPLIMENTARY WORKSHOPS

Patient Success Spotlight

“In January of 2018 I injured both of my shoulders lifting weights. As a result, I was unable to continue to workout comfortably or sleep on either side without pain and discomfort. The assistance that I received from the staff at Oakland Physical Therapy, P.C. has been life altering. The full staff, especially my personal physical therapist, Linda Erickson, was very professional, kind, and their vast experience was evidence from day one. I believe that the methods used not only healed me but will serve as a valuable aid for prevention of injury in the future. I cannot thank the staff enough for their encouragement and motivation provided on a daily basis that helped me to heal. I would strongly recommend Oakland Physical Therapy to anyone. ”- R.G.

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Exercise Essentials

LOWER BACK PAIN & SCIATICA Tuesday, March 5, at 6:00 pm Call (248) 380-3550 or email us at: mail@oaklandphysicaltherapy.com

Levator Scapulae Stretch | Overpressure Hand of the side being stretch tucked gently behind the back. Bring your nose into the armpit and hold , then return to the starting position. Repeat with your other side.

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